Stone (Mandelstam)

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Stone / Камень
автор Osip Mandelstam
See also Poems. "Stone" (1908 — 1915).[1].

The cover of the first edition of the "Stone"


01. The distant and obscure sound (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Звук осторожный и глухой… 1908
01. The sound, muffled, cautious (A. S. Kline) Звук осторожный и глухой… 1908
02. The Christmas trees are shining (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Сусальным золотом горят… 1908
03. From the semi-dark hall, suddenly (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Из полутёмной залы, вдруг… 1908
03. From the pool of light, suddenly (A. S. Kline) Из полутёмной залы, вдруг… 1908
04. To read only children's books… (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Только детские книги читать… 1908
04. Only to read childrens’ books… (A. S. Kline) Только детские книги читать… 1908
05. More tender than tender… (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Нежнее нежного… 1909
06. On the pale-blue enamel… (A. S. Kline) На бледно-голубой эмали… 1909
08. I'm given a body – what to do with it?.. (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Дано мне тело — что мне делать с ним… 1909
08. What shall I do with this body they gave me… (A. S. Kline) Дано мне тело — что мне делать с ним… 1909
13. More sluggish the snowy hive (A. S. Kline) Медлительнее снежный улей… 1910
15. Ears stretch sensitive sails (A. S. Kline) Слух чуткий парус напрягает… 1910,
17. Up out of an evil clinging pool (Bartlett, McBurney) Из омута злого и вязкого… 1910
21. A meagre beam in a cold measure (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky, McBurney Скудный луч холодной мерою… 1911
22. The dull air is moist and resounding (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky, McBurney Воздух пасмурный влажен и гулок… 1911
24. Through faintly breathing leaves… (R. Shaw) Смутно-дышащими листьями… 1911
38. Hagia Sophia (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Айя-София 1912
81. Insomnia. Homer. The rows of stretched sails (D. Smirnov-Sadovsky) Бессонница. Гомер. Тугие паруса… 1915


  1. "Stone" is the title of Mandelstam's first book of poems composed between 1908 and 1915. It was first published in 1913, then in 1916, 1923 and 1928 with the substantial revisions and additions. The 1st edition of «Kamen'» (Stone) was published in 1913, St Petersburg, «Acme» Publishers; the 2nd edition in 1916 (1915) in Petrograd, «Giperborey» Publishers.