On the pale-blue enamel (Mandelstam/Kline)

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«On the pale-blue enamel…»
автор Osip Mandelstam (1891—1938), transl. A. S. Kline (b. 1947)
Источник: www.poetryintranslation.com • In Russian: «На бледно-голубой эмали…». First printed in the Almanac (1915) and 2nd edition of "Stone" (1916 [1915]). From Stone (No. 6). See also Poems. Translated from Russian.

* * *

On the pale-blue enamel,
that April can bring,
birch branches’ imperceptible
sway, slipped towards evening.

A network of finely etched lines,
is the pattern’s finished state,
the carefully-made design,
like that on a porcelain plate,

the thoughtful artist set,
on the glazed firmament,
oblivious to sad death,
knowing ephemeral strength.



© A. S. Kline, translation. Can be reproduced if non-commercial.

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