Robert Sidney/Sonnet 35

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Sonnet 35 (Time cruel time how fast pass yow away...)
автор Robert Sidney (1563—1626)
Original text:

Sonnet 35

Time cruel time how fast pass yow away
and in my case from yowr own custome fly
whyle I vnknown in blackest shadowes ly
and dum wth feare, not that I loue dare say

Alas yowr wings doe to the light desplay
what choisest care in darckest bands doth ty
But thus forsaking mee yow make mee try
that whoe to tyme trusts doth himself betray

Speake time, and times child truth since first I saw
that bodied Angel: did my faith ere quaile
or was not spurd loue, held wth raines of awe?
But yow heare, not: pack on then yowr best saile

Leave mee behinde! Time yow shall nowhere moue
where whyle yow are yow shall not see my loue


Contemporary text:

Sonnet 35

Time, cruel Time, how fast pass you away
And in my case from your own custom fly,
While I unknown in blackest shadows lie
And dumb with fear, not that I love dare say:

Alas, your wings do to the light display
What choicest care in darkest bands doth tie;
But thus forsaking me, yow make me try
That who to Time trusts doth himself betray.

Speak Time, and Time’s child Truth since first I saw
That bodied angel, did my faith e’er quail,
Or was not spurred love, held with reins of awe?
But you hear, not: — pack on then you best sail,

Leave me behind! Time you shall nowhere move
Where, while yow are, you shall not see my love.



The sonnet is based on the contemporary proverbs: "Time brings the truth to light"; "Time is the father of truth"; "Truth is time’s daughter"; "In trust is treason".

2. your own custom – namely, of bringing truth to light

8. evokes the proverb In trust is treason

11. AS 98: 7-8 ‘Spurred with love’s spur, though galled and shortly reined With care’s hard hand’.

13-14. cf. Sir John Davies, Nosce Teipsum (1599) line 1595 ‘And Time itself, in Time shall cease to move’

This final couplet intimates that the object of the poet’s unattainable love is an ideal and not ultimately to be identified with any particular embodiment.

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