Robert Sidney/Sonnet 2

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Sonnet 2. “The paines wch I vncessantly susteine...” / “The pains which I uncessantly sustain...”
автор Robert Sidney (1563—1626)
Original text:

Sonnet 2

The paines wch I vncessantly susteine,
burning in hottest flame, of loue most pure
are iois, not greefs, since each of them are sure
witness that faith not will, in mee doth raine.

vaine may their hopes all proue, their iois more vain
whom sence of pleasure, doth to loue allure:
Blest in my bands, rather may I endure
for yow, than toild wth iois, loue elswhere gaine.

Heauenly yow beauties are, and may there bee,
mutual bands, to ty earthe to the skyes:
you I adore, and showld I hope to see
one fire embrace, both saint and sacrifice

No no most fayre, for yow I end and cry
Ioyful I liu’d to yow, ioyful I dy.


Contemporary text:

Sonnet 2

The pains which I uncessantly sustain,
Burning in hottest flame of love most pure,
Are joys, not griefs, since each of them are sure
Witness that faith, not will, in me doth reign.

Vain may their hopes all prove, their joys more vain,
Whom sense of pleasure doth to love allure:
Blest in my bands, rather may I endure
For you, than toiled with joys love elsewhere gain.

Heavenly your beauties are, and may there be
Mutual bands to tie earth to the skies?
You I adore, and should I hope to see
One fire embrace both saint and sacrifice?

No no, most fair, for you I end and cry
‘Joyful I lived to you, joyful I die.’



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