Robert Sidney/Sonnet 1

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Sonnet 1. “Yow purest stars, whose neuer dijng fyres...” / “You purest stars, whose never-dying fires...”
автор Robert Sidney (1563—1626)
Original text:

Sonnet 1

Yow purest stars, whose neuer dijng fyres
deck heauenly spheres, and rule the world belowe,
grudg not if I in yowr cleer beauties know
[a] the faier maides eies, the stars of my desires

To earthly [minds] harts yowr light wch not expires
makes known the matchless place wherin yow goe
and they the mind wch throw the shines doe show
whose clearest beams, my sowle as heauen admires

Yow shine stil one, and alter not yowr race
at sute of those wch most yowr lights adore,
for well you know you shine for heavens grace

And they in whom all eyes on earthe are blest,
thogh than the heauely lights I loue the more,
shine to the worlde, and mee but wth the rest.


Contemporary text:

Sonnet 1

You purest stars, whose never-dying fires
Deck heavenly spheres, and rule the world below,
Grudge not if I in your clear beauties know
The fair maid’s eyes, the stars of my desires.

To earthly hearts your light which not expires
Makes known the matchless place wherein you go;
And they the mind which through them shines do show,
Whose clearest beams my soul as heaven admires.

You shine still one, and alter not your race
At suit of those which most your lights adore,
For well you know you shine for heaven’s grace:

And they, in whom all eyes on earth are blest,
Though than the heavenly lights I love them more,
Shine to the world, and me but with the rest.



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