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(Идеи и символы Уильям Блейка)
автор Сэмюэль Фостер Деймон, пер. Д. Смирнов-Садовский
Язык оригинала: английский. Название в оригинале: Merlin. — S. Foster Damon: Blake Dictionary (англ.)

МЕРЛИН был пророком и магом при дворе Короля Артура. Существует много рассказов о его чудесном рождении, о его магической силе, и таинственном исчезновении.

MERLIN was the prophet and wizard at the court of King Arthur. There are many tales of his miraculous birth, his magical feats, and mysterious disappearance. His mistress was Vivien (or "Nimue,” probably a misreading of "Vivien”), the Lady of the Lake, who was an enchantress. She learned from him all his lore, and finally turned it against him: to rid herself of his importunities, she entrapped him by magic under a rock or in a tree, whence he could never escape. Thus he died an ignoble death, which he foresaw in vain. According to some accounts, he could never die, and his voice is heard occasionally.

Merlin symbolizes the immortal Imagination of the Vegetative Man (J 36:23), "exploring the Three States of Ulro: Creation, Redemption, & Judgment” (J 36:42). According to Enitharmon, he was like Rintrah (prophetic wrath) "among the Giants of Albion” (J93:13). But, like Arthur, he was eventually ruined by woman. Enitharmon exclaims: "This is Woman's World. . . I will Create secret places, and the masculine names of the places, Merlin & Arthur” (J 88:16). Gwendolen rejects him: "I have refused to give love to Merlin the piteous. He brings to me the Images of his Love & I reject in chastity and turn them out into the streets for Harlots, to be food to the stern Warrior” (J 81:2). As a result, "Gwendolen is become a Clod of Clay! Merlin is a Worm of the Valley!” (J 56:27). "O Merlin! Unknown among the Dead where never before Existence came, is this Female Will...?” (J 34:37)

When the Cathedral Cities degenerated, "Bath stood upon the Severn with Merlin [spirit] & Bladud [body] & Arthur [heart], the Cup of Rahab in his hand” (J 75:2).

Blake ascribed to him one of his own revolutionary prophecies (K 177).

The MERSEY, like the Dee



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