Notebook I (1980/1—1982 — Denisov)/151—200

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The Notebook I (1980/1—1982)/151—200[1]
written by Edison Denisov (1929—1996)
Русская музыка/Russian music. Translated from Russian by D. Smirnov-Sadovsky & Richard Shaw. Source: Denisov MS.
Notebook I (1980/1—1982 — Denisov)/101—150

I don’t like very much a mechanical regularity in music[3].
In my music there are many unnoticeable changes of light and shade, animated and unpredicted, as light and shade are in nature – when there is the slightest breath of wind, the run of a cloud across the sun, the entire colouring immediately changes. But this is never a simple colour, and these both the light and shade have nothing ornamental in them, all these lights and shades have a meaning and are filled with sense, as well as the entire texture of a composition. Nature for me is not a decoration in which man lives, but it is, let us say, an external thing but part of myself, and it lives and breathes, as well as I myself do, and it is full of a large and mysterious meaning’[4]

With my special thanks to Ekaterina Denisova-Bruggeman for the copy of manuscript of the Denisov’s ‘Notes’ (DS).


  1. Denisov’s notebooks contain 658 aphorisms, penned between 1980 and 1995. They were published in Russian by Valeria Tsenova in ‘Neizvestnyi Denisov’ (Unknown Denisov), Moscow, Kompozitor, 1997, but with many abridgments.
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