Сатирические стихи и эпиграммы (Блейк)

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Сатирические стихи и эпиграммы
автор Уильям Блейк (1757—1827), пер. разные
Язык оригинала: английский. Название в оригинале: Satiric verses and epigrams. — Источник: Блейк У. Избранные стихи. Сборник. Сост. А. М. Зверев. На англ. и русск. яз. — М.: Прогресс. — 1982.

  1. Motto to the Songs of Innocence & of Experience
  2. "Let the Brothels of Paris be opened..."
  3. "Who will exchange his own fire side..."
  4. "When Klopstock England defied..."
  5. On the Virginity of the Virgin Mary & Johanna Southcott
  6. "You dont believe I wont attempt to make ye"
  7. "If it is True What the Prophets write..."
  8. "I am no Homers Hero you all know..."
  9. "The Angel that presided oer my birth..."
  10. "Some Men created for destruction come..."
  11. "If I eer Grow to Mans Estate..."
  12. From Cratetos
  13. "If Men will act like a maid smiling over a Churn..."
  14. "Anger & Wrath my bosom rends..."
  15. An Epitaph (Come knock your heads against this stone)
  16. Another Epitaph (I was buried near this Dike)
  17. Another Epitaph (Here lies John Trot the Friend of all mankind)
  18. "He is a Cock would..."
  19. "And his legs carried it like a long fork..."
  20. "Was I angry with Hayley who usd me so ill"
  21. (1) Blakes apology for his Catalogue (2) / Блейк в защиту своего каталога (Блейк/Потапова)
  22. "Cosway Frazer & Baldwin of Egypts Lake..."
  23. "My title as a Genius thus is provd..."
  24. To H (You think Fuseli is not a Great Painter)
  25. "P—— loved me, not as he lovd his Friends..."
  26. "The Sussex Men are Noted Fools..."
  27. "Of H s birth this was the happy lot..."
  28. On H——ys Friendship
  29. To H—— (Thy Friendship oft has made my heart to ake)
  30. On H—— the Pick thank
  31. Imitation of Pope A Compliment to the Ladies
  32. William Cowper Esqre
  33. "The only Man that eer I knew..."
  34. "Madman I have been calld Fool they Call thee..."
  35. To F—— (I mock thee not)
  36. "Hes a Blockhead who wants a proof of what he Can't Percieve..."
  37. To Nancy F——
  38. To F—— (You call me Mad tis Folly to do so)
  39. "S—— in Childhood on the Nursery floor..."
  40. "He has observd the Golden Rule..."
  41. To S——d (You all your youth observed the Golden Rule)
  42. On S—— (You say reserve & modesty he has)
  43. "Old acquaintance well renew..."
  44. On F—— & S——
  45. Mr Stothard to Mr Cromek
  46. Mr Cromek to Mr Stothard
  47. "Cr—— loves artists as he loves his Meat..."
  48. "A Petty sneaking Knave I knew..."
  49. Cromek Speaks
  50. English Encouragement of Art
  51. "When you look at a picture you always can see..."
  52. "The Cunning sures & the Aim at yours..."
  53. "All Pictures thats Panted with Sense & with Thought..."
  54. "You say their Pictures well Painted be..."
  55. (1) "The Errors of a Wise Man make your Rule..." (2) / За образец — ты мудреца огрехи (Блейк/Потапова)
  56. "Great things are done when Men & Mountains meet..."
  57. "If you play a Game of Chance know before you begin..."
  58. "No real Style of Colouring ever appears"
  59. "Can there be any thing more mean..."
  60. "Sir Joshua Praises Michael Angelo..."
  61. "Sir Joshua praised Rubens with a Smile..."
  62. Florentine Ingratitude
  63. A Pitiful Case
  64. To the Royal Academy
  65. "The Cripple every Step Drudges & labours..."
  66. "I Rubens am a Statesman & a Saint..."
  67. To English Connoisseurs
  68. "Swelld limbs with no outline that you can descry..."
  69. A Pretty Epigram
  70. "These are the Idiots chiefest arts..."
  71. "Rafael Sublime Majestic Graceful Wise..."
  72. On the Great Encouragement
  73. "Give pensions to the Learned Pig..."
  74. "When I see a Rubens Rembrant Correggio..."
  75. "Delicate Hands & Heads will never appear..."
  76. "I askd my Dear Friend Orator Prigg..."
  77. "O dear Mother outline of knowledge most sage"
  78. To Venetian Artists / Венецианским художникам (Блейк/Смирнов)
  79. "Great Men & Fools do often me Inspire..."
  80. "Some people admire the work of a Fool..."
  81. "Her whole Life is an Epigram smack smooth & nobly pend..."
  82. "When a Man has Married a Wife..." / Пока не женимся, сказать мы не сумеем (Блейк/Маршак)
  83. s:en:Satiric verses and epigrams from Blake's Notebook#"Grown old in Love from Seven till Seven times Seven..."
  84. s:en:Satiric verses and epigrams from Blake's Notebook#"The Hebrew Nation did not write it..."
  85. To God
  86. "Since all the Riches of this World..."
  87. "To Chloes breast young Cupid slily stole..."
  88. "Nail his neck to the Cross nail it with a nail..."
  89. #"A Woman Scaly & a Man all Hairy..."
  90. The Washer Womans Song
  91. The Phoenix to Mrs Butts


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