Кентерберийские рассказы/Пахарь (Смирнов)

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Кентерберийские рассказы — Пахарь
автор Джеффри Чосер, пер. ДС
Язык оригинала: английский
Уильям Блейк. Кентерберийские пилигримы Чосера (деталь: Пастор, Юрист, Пахарь, Врач и Франклин)
William Blake. Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims (fragment: Parson, Man of Law, Plowman, Physician, Franklin)


Брат ПАХАРЬ с Пастором тащился рядом,
В навозе весь, зато с правдивым взглядом,
Он устали не знал в благих делах,
Всегда с собой и с ближними в ладах,
Хоть в жизни радости он знал немного,
Душой и сердцем возлюбил он Бога,
Как и себя, соседей он любил,
Для них копал, пахал и молотил,
И нищему последнюю полушку
Готов был бросить Христа ради в кружку,
Платил трудом и потом десятину,
И вот, надев дырявую холстину,
На старенькой кобылке он трусил... (529—541)



With him his brother came, a PLOWMAN who
530 Had carted many a load of dung. A true
And well-intentioned laborer was he,
Who lived in peace and perfect charity.
The Lord his God with whole heart he loved best,
When times were good as well as when distressed,
535 And loved his neighbor as himself, for which
He'd gladly thresh, or dig to make a ditch,
For love of Christ, to help the poor in plight
Without a wage, if it lay in his might.
He paid his proper tithes religiously,
540 Both of his labor and his property.
He wore a tunic and he rode a mare.


William Blake. Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims. Copper engraving, with additions in watercolor by the artist Signature and imprint, Painted in Fresco by William Blake & by him Engraved & Published October 8. 1810, at No 28. Corner of Broad Street Golden Square; inscribed below: Chaucers Canterbury Pilgrims, and with the names of the pilgrims, Reeve, Chaucer, Clerk of Oxenford, Cook, Miller, Wife of Bath, Merchant, Parson, Man of Law, Plowman, Physician, Franklin, 2 Citizens, Shipman, The Host, Sompnour, Manciple, Pardoner, Monk, Friar, a Citizen, Lady Abbess, Nun, 3 Priests, Squires, Yeoman, Knight, Squire.

The engraving is known in five states. Blake's use of line engraving, emulating the styles of early printmakers Albrecht Dürer and Lucas van Leyden, evokes the character of Chaucer's poetry.

Blake painted the pilgrims after a quarrel with R. H. Cromek and Thomas Stothard regarding whether the commission had originally been Blake's. The painting was exhibited at his brother's Soho shop in 1809, and this engraving was created from it.