Philip Firsov Art/Introduction

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Philip Firsov Art/Introduction
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I make paintings, sculptures and films most of which end up looking like scattered fragments of a lost theatrical machine. They are based on musical instruments and characters I met on my many travels around Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

Having been born in the West of Moscow with my earliest memories being the contrast between the monotonous courtyards of Soviet blocks and one of the noblest Naryshkin Baroque churches, The Lykov Trinity, my eyes were drawn to the eclecticism of the Baroque and Oriental architecture and its harmony with nature. Later as my family moved to the UK, I was sketching the gothic architecture of Cambridge and enjoying the beauty of the Renaissance in the National Gallery. I began painting and drawing musicians in the rehearsal’s of my family’s musical projects, travelling with them around European music festivals and appreciating the art collections. I was taught by a private tutor who was trained at the Repin Academy and studied painting in 3 Universities in London, before specializing also in sculptural carving at City and Guilds, studying traditional and historic techniques. I was involved in several European art residencies and exhibitions in Romania, Italy and Germany. Inspired by classicism, I present the co-existence of ancient and modern worlds in paintings, often taking reference from my own travels, dealing with the burden of history and the emigration of peoples and their identities. It was through having to explain my origin to others that I had to reinvent the worlds of Russian and European heritage.

Philip Firsov