Letter 8th May 2009 to Dmitri Smirnov

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Letter 8th May 2009 to Dmitri Smirnov
автор Andrew Solomon

Tel. 020-8348 2028 e-mail: absolomon@blueyonder.co.uk

35 Hillway, Highgate, London N6 6AH 8th May 2009

Dear Dmitri Smirnov,

It was a great pleasure to meet you and to hear your fascinating Blake Sonata and the rest of the performance by your remarkably gifted daughter - a very demanding programme which she seemed to accomplish with extraordinary ease!

While I can't pretend to have followed intelligently the BLAKE tone row on which your sonata is based (I could not remember what you had told me Land K stood forl), I know that what matters is the music that results, and your Sonata was certainly expressive and exciting. I hope we shall have an opportunity to hear some more of your works, especially those based on Blake.

I am pleased to enclose (as a gift) a copy of my book on Blake' Job engravings. I hope you will find it interesting. At least it contains reasonably good reproductions of Blake's designs.

I shall ask our secretary to send you the current programme of the Blake Society. and a membership application form. You don't have to be a member to attend the meetings, but we should be very pleased to welcomeyou as a member.

With all goodwishes,

Yours sincerely

Andrew Solomon

Letter 8th May 2009 to Dmitri Smirnov