Истина (Честертон)

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Истина (сборник)
автор Гилберт Кийт Честертон
Язык оригинала: английский. Название в оригинале: The Thing: Why I am a Catholic. — Опубл.: 1929. Источник: Честертон Г. К. Писатель в газете: Худож. публицистика. Пер. с англ. / Послесл. С. С. Аверинцева. — М.: Прогресс, 1984. — 384 с

  1. Introduction
  2. The Sceptic as Critic
  3. Is Humanism a Religion?
  4. The Drift from Domesticity
  5. Logic and Lawn Tennis
  6. Obstinate Orthodoxy  //  Упорствующий в правовериипер. Н. Трауберг
  7. The Usual Article
  8. Why I am a Catholic
  9. What Do They Think?
  10. The Mask of the Agnostic
  11. The Early Bird in History
  12. Protestantism: A Problem Novel
  13. A Simple Thought
  14. The Call to the Barbarians
  15. One the Novel with a Purpose
  16. The Revolt Against Ideas
  17. The Feasts and the Ascetic
  18. Who Are the Conspirators?
  19. The Hat and the Halo
  20. On Two Allegories
  21. The Protestant Supertitions
  22. On Courage and Independence
  23. The Nordic Hindoo
  24. Spiritualist Looks Back
  25. The Roots of Sanity
  26. Some of Our Errors
  27. The Slavery of the Mind
  28. Inge Versus Barnes
  29. What We Think About
  30. The Optimist as a Suicide
  31. The Outline of the Fall
  32. The Idols of Scotland
  33. If They Had Believed
  34. Peace and the Papacy
  35. The Spirit of Christmas