Gerard McBurney

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Gerard McBurney
Gerard McBurney
Джерард Макбёрни
* 1954 г., Кэмбридж, Англия
британский автор, композитор, музыковед, переводчик.

British author. Born in 1954, in Cambridge, England, studied in England and at the Moscow Conservatory. Worked as a composer, arranger, broadcaster, teacher, and writer. He has reconstructed lost and forgotten works by Shostakovich, and has published widely in the field of Russian and Soviet music. He created and presented programs on BBC Radio 3, and wrote and researched nearly 30 television documentaries. Mr. McBurney was a lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music in London for 12 years, and has acted as advisor and collaborator with many orchestras and presenters.



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