Видение Страшного Суда

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Видение Страшного Суда / A Vision of the Last Judgment
автор William Blake (1757—1827), пер. Д. Смирнов-Садовский
Язык оригинала: английский. — Источник: The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, edited by David V. Erdman (1988)



[The Design of The Last Judgment] t

To Ozias Humphry Esqre

The Design of The Last Judgment which I have completed by your recommendation [under a fortunate star] for The Countess of Egremont [by a happy accident] it is necessary to give some account of & its various parts ought to be described for the accomodation of those who give it the honor of attention

Christ seated on the Throne of judgment [The Heavens in Clouds rolling before him & around him] before his feet& around him the heavens in clouds are rolling like a scroll ready to be consumed in the fires of the Angels who descend [before his feet ] with the[ir] Four Trumpets sounding to the Four Winds

Beneath [the] Earth is convulsed with the labours of the Resurrection--in the Caverns of the Earth is the Dragon with Seven heads & ten Horns chained by two Angels & above his Cavern[s] on the Earths Surface is the Harlot siezed & bound by two Angels with chains while her Palaces are falling [in] into ruins & her councellors & warriors are descending into the Abyss in wailing & despair

Hell opens beneath the Harlots seat on the left hand into which the Wicked are descending [while others rise from their Craves on the brink of the Pit]

The right hand of the Design is appropriated to the Resurrection of the Just the left hand of the Design is appropriated to the Resurrection & Fall of the Wicked

[Begin Page 553]

Immediately before the Throne of Christ is Adam & Eve t kneeling in humiliation <t> as representatives of the whole Human Race Abraham & Moses kneel on each side beneath them from the cloud on which Eve kneels [ & beneath Moses & from the Tables of Stone which utter lightnings] is seen Satan wound round by the Serpent & falling headlong the Pharisees appear on the left hand pleading their own righteousness before the Throne of Christ & before the Book of Death which is opend on clouds by two Angels & many groupes of Figures are falling from before the Throne & from before the Sea of Fire which flows before the steps of the Throne on which [ are] is seen the seven Lamps of the Almighty burning before the Throne many Figures chained& bound together & in various attitudes of Despair & Horror fall thro the air & some are scourged by Spirits with flames of fire into the Abyss of Hell which opens [ to recieve them] beneath on the left hand of the Harlots Seat where others are howling & [descending into the flames & in the act of] dragging each other into Hell & [ of] in contending in fighting with each other on the [very] brink of Perdition

Before the Throne of Christ on the Right hand the Just in humiliation & in exultation rise thro the Air with their Children & Families some of whom are bowing before the Book of Life which is opend [ by two Angels on Clouds] on clouds by two Angels many groupes arise [with] in [joy] exultation among them is a Figure crownd with Stars & the Moon beneath her feet with six infants around her She represents the Christian Church [ The] Green hills appear beneath with the Graves of the Blessed which are seen bursting with their births of immortality Parents & Children Wives & Husbands embrace & arise together & in exulting attitudes of great joy tell each other that the New Jerusalem is ready to descend upon Earth they arise upon the Air rejoicing others newly awakend from the Grave stand upon the Earth embracing. & shouting to the Lamb who cometh in the Clouds in Power & great Glory

The Whole upper part of the Design is a View of Heaven opened around the Throne of Christ in the Cloud which rolls away are the Four Living Creatures filled with Eyes attended by the Seven Angels with the Seven Vials of the Wrath of God & above these [there are] Seven Angels with the Seven Trumpets these compose [composing ] the Cloud which by its rolling away displays the opening seats of the Blessed on the right& left of which are seen the Four & Twenty Elders seated on Thrones to Judge the Dead

Behind the Seat & Throne of Christ [appear] appears the Tabernacle with its Veil opened [& ] the Candlestick on the right the Table with the Shew bread on the left [&] in [the] midst is the Cross in place of the Ark [with the two] Cherubim bowing over it

On the Right hand of the Throne of Christ is Baptism On [his] the left is the Lords Supper the two introducers into Eternal Life Women with Infants approach the Figure of an aged Apostle which represents

[Begin Page 554]

Baptism & on the left hand the Lords Supper is administerd by Angels from the hands of another [aged ] Apostle these kneel on each side of the Throne which is surrounded by a Glory [in the glory] many Infants appear in the Glory representing the Eternal Creation flowing from the Divine Humanity in Jesus who opens the Scroll of Judgment upon his knees before the Living & the Dead

Such is the Design which you my Dear Sir have been the cause of my producing & which but for you might have slept till the Last Judgment


[18 января 1808] февр. 1808

[Видение Страшного Суда]

[ с. 70 ]

Для 1810 года

Добавление к Каталогу Картин Блейка и т. д.

Страшный Суд наступает, когда Cмолкают все те, кто смущает Религию Вопросами о Добре и Зле, о Вкушении от Древа Познания, или Резонёрствует, заслоняя Видение Бога превращающего всё во Всепожирающий Огонь; когда Искусство Воображения и Наука и все Интеллектуальные Дары, все Дары Святого Духа, которые считаются бесполезными, остаются единственным Прибежищем Человека – тогда Страшный Суд наступает, и его Видение доступно Взору Воображения Каждого, в зависимости от ситуации, в которой тот находится.


[18 January 1808] Feby 1808

[A Vision of The Last Judgment] t

[ page 70 ]

For the Year 1810

Additions to Blakes Catalogue of Pictures &c

The Last Judgment when all those are Cast away who trouble Religion with Questions concerning Good & Evil or Eating of the Tree of those Knowledges or Reasonings which hinder the Vision of God turning all into a Consuming fire <When> Imaginative Art& Science & all Intellectual Gifts all the Gifts of the Holy Ghost are [despisd] lookd upon as of no use & only Contention remains to Man then the Last Judgment begins & its Vision is seen by the [Imaginative Eye] of Every one according to the situation he holds

[ page 68 ] The Last Judgment is not Fable or Allegory but Vision Fable or Allegory are a totally distinct& inferior kind of Poetry. Vision or Imagination is a Representation of what Eternally Exists. Really & Unchangeably. Fable or Allegory is Formd by the Daughters of Memory. Imagination is Surrounded by the daughters of Inspiration who in the aggregate are calld Jerusalem [ page 69 ]<Fable is Allegory but what Critics call The Fable is Vision itself> [ page 68 ] The Hebrew Bible & the Gospel of Jesus are not Allegory but Eternal Vision or Imagination of All that Exists <Note here that Fable or Allegory is Seldom without some Vision Pilgrims Progress is full of it the Greek Poets the same but [Fable[al]<&>Allegory]<Allegory & Vision> [<& Visions of Imagination>] ought to be known as Two Distinct Things & so calld for the Sake of Eternal Life Plato has made Socrates say that Poets & Prophets do not Know or Understand what they write or Utter this is a most Pernicious Falshood. If they do not pray is an inferior Kind to be calld Knowing Plato confutes himself>

[Begin Page 555]

The Last judgment is one of these Stupendous Visions[.] I have represented it as I saw it[.] to different People it appears differently as [ page 69 ] every thing else does for tho on Earth things seem Permanent they are less permanent than a Shadow as we all know too well

The Nature of Visionary Fancy or Imagination is very little Known & the Eternal nature & permanence of its ever Existent Images is considerd as less permanent than the things of Vegetative & Generative Nature yet the Oak dies as well as the Lettuce but Its Eternal Image & Individuality never dies. but renews by its seed. just [as]<so> the Imaginative Image returns [according to ]<by> the seed of Contemplative Thought the Writings of the Prophets illustrate these conceptions of the Visionary Fancy by their various sublime & Divine Images as seen in the Worlds of Vision

[ page 71 ][TOP OF PAGE CUT AWAY] The Learned m . . . [of]<or> Heroes <this as n . . . >[ it] ans . . . & not Spiritu . . . while the Bibl . . . of Virtue & Vic . . . as they are Ex . . . is the Real Di . . . Things The . . . when they Assert that Jupiter usurped the Throne of his Father Saturn & brought on an Iron Age & Begat on Mnemosyne or Memory The Greek Muses which are not Inspiration as the Bible is. Reality was Forgot & the Vanities of Time & Space only Rememberd & calld Reality Such is the Mighty difference between Allegoric Fable & Spiritual Mystery Let it here be Noted that the Greek Fables originated in Spiritual Mystery & Real Vision

[c. 72] Природа моей Работы Визионарная или Имажинативная; она Стремится Восстановить <то, что Древние называли> Золотым Веком.

[ page 72 ]and Real Visions Which are lost & clouded in Fable & Alegory [which] <while> the Hebrew Bible & the Greek Gospel are Genuine Preservd by the Saviours Mercy The Nature of my Work is Visionary or Imaginative it is an Endeavour to Restore <what the Ancients calld> the Golden Age

[ page 69 ] This world of Imagination is the World of Eternity it is the Divine bosom into which we shall all go after the death of the Vegetated body This World <of Imagination> is Infinite & Eternal whereas the world of Generation or Vegetation is Finite & [for a small moment] Temporal There Exist in that Eternal World the Permanent Realities of Every Thing which we see are reflected in this Vegetable Glass of Nature

All Things are comprehended in their Eternal Forms in the Divine [ page 70 ] body of the Saviour the True Vine of Eternity The Human Imagination who appeard to Me as Coming to Judgment. among his Saints& throwing off the Temporal that the Eternal might be Establishd. around him were seen the Images of Existences according to [their aggregate Imaginations] a certain order suited to my Imaginative Eye [In the following order]<as follows>

Here follows the description of the Picture <Query the Above ought to follow the description>

[ page 76 ] Jesus seated between the Two Pillars Jachin & Boaz with the Word of <Divine> Revelation on his Knees <& on each side the

[Begin Page 556]

four & twenty Elders sitting in Judgment> the Heavens opening around him by unfolding the clouds around his throne <The Old H[eaven] & old Earth are passing away & the N[ew] H[eaven] & N[ew] Earth descending> [as a Scroll] The Just arise on his right & the wicked on his Left hand <A Sea of fire Issues from before the Throne> Adam & Eve appear first before the [ throne]<Judgment Seat> in humiliation Abel surrounded by Innocents& Cain <with the flint in his hand with which he slew his brother> falling with the head downward From the Cloud on which Eve stands Satan is seen falling headlong wound round by the tail of the serpent whose bulk naild to the Cross round which he wreathes is falling into the Abyss Sin is also represented as a female bound in one of the Serpents folds surrounded by her fiends Death is Chaind to the Cross & Time falls together with death dragged down by [an Angel] a Demon crownd with Laurel another demon with a Key has the charge of Sin & is dragging her down by the hair beside them a figure is seen scaled with iron scales from head to feet precipitating himself into the Abyss with the Sword & Balances he is Og King of Bashan--

<On the Right> Beneath the Cloud on which Abel kneels is Abraham with Sarah & Isaac [& ] also Hagar & Ishmael. <Abel kneels on a bloody Cloud [ page 80 ] descriptive of those Churches before the flood that they were filld with blood & fire& vapour of smoke even till Abrahams time the vapour & heat was not Extinguishd These States Exist now Man Passes on but States remain for Ever he passes thro them like a traveller who may as well suppose that the places he has passed thro exist no more as a Man may suppose that the States he has passd thro exist no more Every Thing is Eternal>

[ page 79 ] In Eternity one Thing never Changes into another Thing Each Identity is Eternal consequently Apuleius's Golden Ass & Ovids Metamorphosis & others of the like kind are Fable yet they contain Vision in a Sublime degree being derived from real Vision in More Ancient Writings[.] Lots Wife being Changed into Pillar of Salt alludes to the Mortal Body being renderd a Permanent Statue but not Changed or Transformed into Another Identity while it retains its own Individuality. A Man can never become Ass nor Horse some are born with shapes of Men who may be both but Eternal Identity is one thing & Corporeal Vegetation is another thing Changing Water into Wine by Jesus & into Blood by Moses relates to Vegetable Nature also

[ page 76 ][Beneath ]<Ishmael is Mahomet> & <on the left> beneath the falling figure of Cain is Moses casting his tables of stone into the Deeps. it ought to be understood that the Persons Moses & Abraham are not here meant but the States Signified by those Names the Individuals being representatives or Visions of those States as they were reveald to Mortal Man in the Series of Divine Revelations. as they are written in the Bible these various States I have seen in my Imagination when distant they appear as One Man but as you approach they appear

[Begin Page 557]

Multitudes of Nations. Abraham hovers above his posterity which appear as Multitudes of Children ascending from the Earth surrounded by Stars as it was said As the Stars of Heaven for Multitude Jacob & [their] his Twelve Sons hover beneath the feet of Abraham & recieve their children from the Earth < I have seen when at a distance Multitudes of Men in Harmony appear like a single Infant sometimes in the Arms of a Female [they]<this> represented the Church>

But to proceed with the description of those on the Left hand. beneath the Cloud on which Moses kneels is two figures a Male & Female chaind [ page 77 ] together by the feet[.] they represent those who perishd by the flood[.] beneath them a multitude of their associates are seen falling headlong[.] by the side of them is a Mighty fiend with a Book in his hand which is Shut he represents the person namd in Isaiah XXII.c & 20.V. Eliakim the Son of Hilkiah he drags Satan down headlong he is crownd with oak [&has] by the side of the Scaled figure representing Og King of Bashan is a Figure with a Basket emptiing out the vanities of Riches & Worldly Honours <he is Araunah the Jebusite><master of the threshing floor> above him are two figures <elevated on a Cloud> representing the Pharisees who plead their own Righteousness before the throne. they are weighed down by two fiends[.] Beneath the Man with the Basket are three fiery fiends with grey beards & scourges of fire they represent Cruel Laws they scourge a groupe of figures down into the Deeps beneath them are various figures in attitudes of contention representing various States of Misery which alas every one on Earth is liable to enter into & against which we should all watch

The Ladies will be pleasd to see that I have represented the Furies by Three Men & not by three Women It is not because I think the Ancients wrong but they will be pleasd to remember that mine is Vision & not Fable The Spectator may suppose them Clergymen in the Pulpit Scourging Sin instead of Forgiving it

The Earth beneath these falling Groupes of figures is rocky & burning and seems as if convulsd by Earthquakes a Great City <on fire> is seen in the Distance <the Armies are fleeing upon the Mountains> On the foreground hell is opened & many figures are descending into it down stone steps & beside a Gate beneath a rock [ howling & lamenting]<where Sin & Death are to be closed Eternally by that Fiend who carries the Key in one hand& drags them down with the other> On the rock & above the Gate a fiend with wings urges the wicked onwards with fiery darts he [represents the Assyrian]<is Hazael the Syrian> who drives abroad all those who rebell against their Saviour beneath the steps Babylon represented by a King crowned Grasping his Sword & his Scepter he is just awakend out of his Grave around him are other Kingdoms arising to Judgment. represented in this Picture as Single Personages according to the descriptions in the Prophets The Figure dragging up a Woman by her hair represents the

[Begin Page 558]

Inquisition as do those contending on the sides of the Pit & in Particular the Man Strangling two Women represents a Cruel Church

[ page 78 ] Two persons one in Purple the other in Scarlet are descending [into Hell]<down the Steps into the Pit> these are Caiphas & Pilate Two States where all those reside who Calumniate & Murder <under Pretence of Holiness & Justice> Caiphas has a Blue Flame like a Miter on his head Pilate has bloody hands that never can be cleansed the Females behind them represent the Females belonging to such States who are under perpetual terrors & vain dreams plots & secret deceit. Those figures that descend into the Flames before Caiphas & Pilate are Judas & those of his Class Achitophel is also here with the cord in his hand

[ page 80 ] Between the Figures of Adam & Eve appears a fiery Gulph descending from the sea of fire Before the throne in this Cataract Four Angels descend headlong with four trumpets to awake the Dead. beneath these is the Seat of the Harlot <namd> Mystery in the Revelations. She is [bound] siezed by Two Beings each with three heads they Represent Vegetative Existence. <as> it is written in Revelations they strip her naked & burn her with fire <it represents the Eternal Consummation of Vegetable Life & Death with its Lusts The wreathed Torches in their hands represents Eternal Fire which is the fire of Generation or Vegetation it is an Eternal Consummation Those who are blessed with Imaginative Vision see This Eternal Female& tremble at what others fear not while they <despise &> laugh at what others fear><Her Kings & Councellors & Warriors descend in Flames Lamenting & looking upon her in astonishment & Terror.& Hell is opend beneath her Seat on the Left hand>. beneath her feet is a flaming Cavern in which is seen the Great Red Dragon with Seven heads & ten Horns [ who]<he has Satans book of Accusations lying on the rock open before him><he> is bound in chains by Two strong demons they are Gog & Magog <who have been compelld to subdue their Master Ezekiel><XXXVIIIc 8v><with their Hammer & Tongs about to new Create the Seven Headed Kingdoms>. The Graves beneath are opend & the Dead awake & obey the call of the Trumpet those on the Right hand awake in joy those on the Left in Horror. beneath the Dragons Cavern a Skeleton begins to Animate starting into life at the Trumpets sound while the Wicked contend with each other on the brink of [p 81] perdition. <on tho Right> a Youthful couple are awakd by their Children an Aged patriarch is awakd by his aged wife <He is Albion our Ancestor <patriarch of the Atlantic Continent> whose History Preceded that of the Hebrews <& in whose Sleep <or Chaos> Creation began, [his Emanation or Wife is Jerusalem < who is about to be recievd like the Bride of the>] at their head><the Aged Woman is Brittannia the Wife of Albion Jerusalem is t their Daughter>> little Infants creep out of the [mould]

[Begin Page 559] [<ground>] flowery mould into the Green fields of the blessed who in various joyful companies embrace & ascend to meet Eternity

The Persons who ascend to Meet the Lord coming in the Clouds with power & great Glory. are representations of those States described in the Bible under the Names of the Fathers before& after the Flood Noah is seen in the Midst of these Canopied by a Rainbow. on his right hand Shem & on his Left Japhet these three Persons represent Poetry Painting & Music the three Powers <in Man> of conversing with Paradise which the flood did not Sweep away

Above Noah is the Church Universal represented by a Woman Surrounded by Infants There is such a State in Eternity it is composed of the Innocent <civilized> Heathen & the Uncivilized Savage who having not the Law do by Nature the things containd in the Law. This State appears like a Female crownd with Stars driven into the Wilderness She has the Moon under her feet

The Aged Figure with Wings having a writing tablet & taking account of the numbers who arise is That Angel of the Divine Presence mentiond in Exodus XIVc 19v & in other Places this Angel is frequently calld by the Name of Jehovah Elohim The I am of the Oaks of Albion

Around Noah & beneath him are various figures Risen into the Air <among> these are Three Females representing those who are not of the dead but of those found Alive at the Last Judgment they appear to be innocently gay & thoughtless not <being> among the Condemnd because ignorant of crime in the midst of a corrupted Age <the Virgin Mary was of this Class>. A Mother Meets her <numerous> Family in the Arms of their Father these are representations of the Greek Learned & Wise as also of those of other Nations such as Egypt & Babylon in which were multitudes who shall meet the Lord coming in the Clouds

The Children of Abraham or Hebrew Church are represented as a Stream of [Light]<Figures> on which are seen Stars somewhat like the Milky way they ascend from the Earth where Figures kneel Embracing above the Graves & Represent Religion or Civilized Life such as it is in the Christian Church who are the Offspring of the Hebrew

[ page 82 ] Just above the graves& above the spot where the Infants creep out of the Ground Stand two a Man & Woman these are the Primitive Christians. The two Figures in <purifying> flames by the side of the Dragons cavern represents the Latter state of the Church when on the verge of Perdition yet protected by a Flaming Sword. Multitudes are seen ascending from the Green fields of the blessed in which a Gothic Church is representative of true Art Calld Gothic in All Ages <by those who follow <the> Fashion><as that is calld which is without Shape or Fashion><On the right hand of Noah a Woman with Children represents the State Calld Laban the Syrian it is the Remains of Civilization in the State from whence Abraham was

[Begin Page 560]

taken><Also> On the right hand of Noah A Female descends to meet her Lover or Husband representative of that Love calld Friendship which Looks for no other heaven than their Beloved & in him sees all reflected as in a Glass of Eternal Diamond

On the right hand of these rise the Diffident & Humble & on their left a <solitary> Woman with her infant these are caught up by three aged Men who appear as suddenly emerging from the blue sky for their help. These three Aged Men represent Divine Providence as opposd to & distinct from Divine vengeance represented by three Aged men on the side of the Picture among the Wicked with scourges of fire

If the Spectator could Enter into these Images in his Imagination approaching them on the Fiery Chariot of his Contemplative Thought if he could Enter into Noahs Rainbow or into his bosom or could make a Friend & Companion of one of these Images of wonder which always intreats him to leave mortal things as he must know then would he arise from his Grave then would he meet the Lord in the Air & then he would be happy General Knowledge is Remote Knowledge it is in Particulars that Wisdom consists & Happiness too. Both in Art & in Life General Masses are as Much Art as a Pasteboard Man is Human Every Man has Eyes Nose & Mouth this Every Idiot knows but he who enters into& discriminates most minutely the Manners & Intentions [ page 83 ] the [Expression] Characters in all their branches is the alone Wise or Sensible Man & on this discrimination All Art is founded. I intreat then that the Spectator will attend to the Hands & Feet to the Lineaments of the Countenances they are all descriptive of Character & not a line is drawn without intention & that most discriminate & particular <as Poetry admits not a Letter that is Insignificant so Painting admits not a Grain of Sand or a Blade of Grass <Insignificant> much less an Insignificant Blur or Mark>

Above the Head of Noah is Seth this State calld Seth is Male & Female in a higher state of Happiness & wisdom than Noah being nearer the State of Innocence beneath the feet of Seth two figures represent the two Seasons of Spring & Autumn. while beneath the feet of Noah Four Seasons represent [our present changes of Extremes] the Changed State made by the flood.

By the side of Seth is Elijah he comprehends all the Prophetic Characters he is seen on his fiery Chariot bowing before the throne of the Saviour. in like manner The figures of Seth & his wife Comprehends the Fathers before the flood & their Generations when seen remote they appear as One Man. a little below Seth on his right are Two Figures a Male & Female with numerous Children these represent those who were not in the Line of the Church & yet were Saved from among the Antediluvians who Perished. between Seth & these a female figure [with the back turnd] represents the Solitary State of those who previous to the Flood walked with God

[Begin Page 561]

All these arise toward the opening Cloud before the Throne led onward by triumphant Groupes of Infants. <& the Morning Stars sang together>

Between Seth & Elijah three Female Figures crownd with Garlands Represent Learning & Science which accompanied Adam out of Eden

The Cloud that opens rolling apart before the throne& before the New Heaven & the New Earth is Composed of Various Groupes of Figures particularly the Four Living Creatures mentiond in Revelations as Surrounding the Throne these I suppose to have the chief agency in removing the [ former] [ page 84 ]old heavens& the old Earth to make way for the New Heaven & the New Earth to descend from the throne of God & of the Lamb. that Living Creature on the Left of the Throne Gives to the Seven Angels the Seven Vials of the wrath of God <with> which they hovering over the Deeps beneath pour out upon the wicked their Plagues the Other Living Creatures are descending with a Shout & with the Sound of the Trumpet Directing the Combats in the upper Elements <in the two Corners of the Picture> on the Left hand Apollyon is foild before the Sword of Michael & on the Right the Two Witnesses <are> subduing their Enemies [Around the Throne Heaven is Opened] On the Cloud are opend the Books of Remembrance of Life & of Death before that of Life <on the Right> some figures bow in humiliation before that of Death <on the left> the Pharisees are pleading their own Righteousness the one Shines with beams of Light the other utters Lightnings & tempests <A Last Judgment is Necessary because Fools flourish>

Nations Flourish under Wise Rulers & are depressd under foolish Rulers it is the same with Individuals as Nations works of Art can only be produced in Perfection where the Man is either in Affluence or is Above the Care of it Poverty is the Fools Rod which at last is turnd on his own back <this is A Last Judgment when Men of Real Art Govern & Pretenders Fall Some People & not a few Artists have asserted that the Painter of this Picture would not have done so well if he had been properly [ patr[onized]] Encouragd Let those who think so reflect on the State of Nations under Poverty & their incapability of Art. tho Art is Above Either the Argument is better for Affluence than Poverty & tho he would not have been a greater Artist yet he would have produced Greater works of Art in proportion, to [ page 85 ]his means A Last Judgment is not for the purpose of making Bad Men better but for the Purpose of hindering them from opressing the Good with Poverty & Pain by means of Such Vile Arguments & Insinuations>

[ page 84 ] Around the Throne Heaven is opend & the Nature of Eternal Things Displayd All Springing from the Divine Humanity All beams from him [<Because> as he himself has said All dwells in him] He is the Bread & the Wine he is the Water of Life accordingly on Each Side of the opening Heaven appears an Apostle that on the Right

[Begin Page 562] Represents Baptism that on the Left Represents the Lords Supper All Life consists of these Two Throwing off Error <& Knaves from our company> continually & recieving Truth <or Wise Men into our Company> Continually. he who is out of the Church & opposes it is no less an Agent of Religion than he who is in it. to be an Error & to be Cast out is a part of Gods Design No man can Embrace True Art till he has Explord & Cast out False Art <such is the Nature of Mortal Things> or he will be himself Cast out by those who have Already Embraced True Art Thus My Picture is a History of Art & Science [& its]<the Foundation of Society> Which is Humanity itself. What are all the Gifts of the Spirit but Mental Gifts whenever any Individual Rejects Error & Embraces Truth a Last Judgment passes upon that Individual

[ page 85 ] Over the Head of the Saviour & Redeemer The Holy Spirit like a Dove is surrounded by a blue Heaven in which are the two Cherubim that bowd over the Ark for here the temple is opend in Heaven & the Ark of the Covenant is as a Dove of Peace The Curtains are drawn apart Christ having rent the Veil The Candlestick & the Table of Shew bread appear on Each side a Glorification of Angels with Harps surrou[n]d the Dove

The Temple stands on the Mount of God from it flows on each side the River of Life on whose banks Grows the tree of Life among whose branches temples & Pinnacles tents & pavilions Gardens & Groves Display Paradise with its Inhabitants walking up & down in Conversations concerning Mental Delights

[ page 90 ] Here they are no longer talking of what is Good & Evil or of what is Right or Wrong & puzzling themselves in Satans [Maze] Labyrinth But are Conversing with Eternal Realities as they Exist in the Human Imagination We are in a World of Generation & death & this world we must cast off if we would be Painters [ page 91 ] Such as Rafa[e]l Mich Angelo & the Ancient Sculptors. if we do not cast off this world we shall be only Venetian Painters who will be cast off & Lost from Art

[ page 85 ] Jesus is surrounded by Beams of Glory in which are seen all around him Infants emanating from him these represent the Eternal Births of Intellect from the divine Humanity A Rainbow surrounds the throne & the Glory in which youthful Nuptials recieve the infants in their hands <In Eternity Woman is the Emanation of Man she has No Will of her own There is no such thing in eternity as a Female Will> t

On the Side next Baptism are seen those calld in the Bible Nursing Fathers & Nursing Mothers [<they have Crowns the Spectator may suppose them to be the good Kings>] <& Queens [of England]> they represent Education On the Side next the Lords Supper. The Holy Family consisting of Mary Joseph John the Baptist Zacharias & Elizabeth recieving the Bread & Wine among other Spirits of <the> Just

[Begin Page 563]

made perfect. beneath these a Cloud of Women & Children are taken up fleeing from the rolling Cloud which separates the Wicked from the Seats of Bliss. These represent those who tho willing were too weak to Reject Error without the Assistance & Countenance of those Already in the Truth for a Man Can only Reject Error by the Advice of a Friend or by the Immediate Inspiration of God it is for this Reason among many others that I have put the Lords Supper on the Left hand of the [Picture] Throne for it appears so at the Last Judgment for a Protection

[ page 91 ] Many suppose that before [Adam]<the Creation> All was Solitude & Chaos This is the most pernicious Idea that can enter the Mind as it takes away all sublimity from the Bible & Limits All Existence to Creation & to Chaos To the Time & Space fixed by the Corporeal Vegetative Eye & leaves the Man who entertains such an Idea the habitation of Unbelieving Demons Eternity Exists and All things in Eternity Independent of Creation which was an act of Mercy I have [ page 92 ]represented those who are in Eternity by some in a Cloud within the Rainbow that Surrounds the Throne they merely appear as in a Cloud when any thing of Creation Redemption or Judgment are the Subjects of Contemplation tho their Whole Contemplation is Concerning these things the Reason they so appear is The Humiliation of <the Reasoning & Doubting> Selfhood & the Giving all up to Inspiration By this it will be seen that I do not consider either the Just or the Wicked to be in a Supreme State but to be every one of them States of the Sleep which the Soul may fall into in its Deadly Dreams of Good & Evil when it leaves Paradise [with]<following> the Serpent

[ page 91 ]<The Greeks represent Chronos or Time as a very Aged Man this is Fable but the Real Vision of Time is in Eternal Youth I have <however> somewhat accomodated my Figure of Time to <the> Common opinion as I myself am also infected with it & my Vision is also infected & I see Time Aged alas too much so>

Allegories are things that Relate to Moral Virtues Moral Virtues do not Exist they are Allegories & dissimulations <But Time & Space are Real Beings a Male & a Female Time is a Man Space is a Woman & her Masculine Portion is Death>

[ page 96 ] The Combats of Good & Evil <is Eating of the Tree of Knowledge The Combats of Truth & Error is Eating of the Tree of Life>[& of Truth & Error which are the same thing]<these> are not only Universal but Particular. Each are Personified There is not an Error but it has a Man for its [Actor] Agent that is it is a Man.. There is not a Truth but it has also a Man <Good & Evil are Qualities in Every Man whether <a> Good or Evil Man> These are Enemies & destroy one another by every Means in their power both of deceit & of open Violence The Deist & the Christian are but the Results of these Opposing Natures Many are Deists who would in certain Circumstances

[Begin Page 564]

have been Christians in outward appearance Voltaire was one of this number he was as intolerant as an Inquisitor Manners make the Man not Habits. It is the same in Art by their Works ye [ page 90 ] shall know them the Knave who is Converted to Deism & the Knave who is Converted to Christianity is still a Knave but he himself will not know it tho Every body else does Christ comes as he came at first to deliver those who were bound under the Knave not to deliver the Knave He Comes to Deliver Man the [Forgiven]<Accused &> not Satan the Accuser we do not find any where that Satan is Accused of Sin he is only accused of Unbelief & thereby drawing Man into Sin that he may accuse him. Such is the Last Judgment a Deliverance from Satans Accusation Satan thinks that Sin is displeasing to God he ought to know that Nothing is displeasing to God but Unbelief & Eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil

[ с. 87 ]

Люди допускаются на Небеса не потому, что они <обуздали и> овладели своими страстями или не имеют страстей, но потому, что они культивировали своё Понимание. Сокровища Небес не являются отрицанием страстей, но наличием интеллекта, от которого все страсти проистекают <необузданные> в своей Вечной Славе. Дурак не войдет в Рай каким бы святым он ни был. Святость не является ценой за вхождение в Рай. Те кто отказались от всего, те кто не имеет собственных страстей из-за отсутствия интеллекта, те, кто провели свою жизнь обуздывая и порабощая других людей различными хитростями, жестокостью, доведением их до нищеты — о горе вам, лицемеры! Даже убийства, которые в судебных палатах <более милосердных, чем Церковь> вынуждены допустить, совершаются не под влиянием страстей, но с хладнокровным умыслом и расчётом.

Современная церковь распинает Христа головой вниз.

[ page 87 ]

Men are admitted into Heaven not because they have <curbed &> governd their Passions or have No Passions but because they have Cultivated their Understandings. The Treasures of Heaven are not Negations of Passion but Realities of Intellect from which All the Passions Emanate <Uncurbed> in their Eternal Glory The Fool shall not enter into Heaven let him be ever so Holy. Holiness is not The Price of Enterance into Heaven Those who are cast out Are All Those who having no Passions of their own because No Intellect. Have spent their lives in Curbing & Governing other Peoples by the Various arts of Poverty & Cruelty of all kinds Wo Wo Wo to you Hypocrites Even Murder the Courts of Justice <more merciful than the Church> are compelld to allow is not done in Passion but in Cool Blooded Design & Intention

The Modern Church Crucifies Christ with the Head Downwards

[ page 92 ] Many Persons such as Paine& Voltaire <with <some of> the Ancient Greeks> say we will not Converse concerning Good & Evil we will live in Paradise & Liberty You may do so in Spirit but not in the <Mortal> Body as you pretend till after the Last Judgment for in Paradise they have no Corporeal <& Mortal> Body that originated with the Fall & was calld Death & cannot be removed but by a Last judgment while we are in the world of Mortality we Must Suffer The Whole Creation Groans to be deliverd there will always be as many Hypocrites born as Honest Men & they will always have superior Power in Mortal Things You cannot have Liberty in this World without <what you call> Moral Virtue & you cannot have Moral Virtue without the Slavery of that half of the Human Race who hate <what you call> Moral Virtue

The Nature of Hatred & Envy & of All the Mischiefs in the World are here depicted. No one Envies or Hates one of his Own Party even the devils love one another in their Way they torment one another for other reasons than Hate or Envy these are only employd against the Just. Neither can Seth Envy Noah or Elijah Envy Abraham but they

[Begin Page 565]

may both of them Envy the Success [ page 93 ] of Satan or of Og or Molech The Horse never Envies the Peacock nor the Sheep the Goat but they Envy a Rival in Life & Existence whose ways & means exceed their own let him be of what Class of Animals he will a Dog will envy a Cat who is pamperd at the expense of his comfort as I have often seen The Bible never tells us that Devils torment one another thro Envy it is <thro> this that [makes] they torment the Just but for what do they torment one another I answer For the Coercive Laws of Hell Moral Hypocrisy. They torment a Hypocrite when he is discoverd they Punish a Failure in the tormentor who has sufferd the Subject of his torture to Escape In Hell all is Self Righteousness there is no such thing there as Forgiveness of Sin he who does Forgive Sin is Crucified as an Abettor of Criminals. & he who performs Works of Mercy in Any shape whatever is punishd & if possible destroyd not thro Envy or Hatred or Malice but thro Self Righteousness that thinks it does God service which God is Satan <They do not Envy one another They contemn <& despise> one another>

Forgiveness of Sin is only at the Judgment Seat of Jesus the Saviour where the Accuser is cast out. not because he Sins but because he torments the Just & makes them do what he condemns as Sin & what he knows is opposite to their own Identity

It is not because Angels are Holier than Men or Devils that makes them Angels but because they do not Expect Holiness from one another but from God only

The Player is a liar when he Says Angels are happier than [ page 94 ] M n because they are better Angels are happier than Men <& Devils> because they are not always Prying after Good & Evil in One Another & eating the Tree of Knowledge for Satans Gratification

Thinking as I do that the Creator of this World is a very Cruel Being & being a Worshipper of Christ I cannot help saying the Son O how unlike the Father <First God Almighty comes with a Thump on the Head Then Jesus Christ comes with a balm to heal it>

The Last Judgment is an Overwhelming of Bad Art & Science. Mental Things are alone Real what is Calld Corporeal Nobody Knows of its Dwelling Place <it> is in Fallacy & its Existence an Imposture Where is the Existence Out of Mind or Thought Where is it but in the Mind of a Fool. Some People flatter themselves that there will be No Last Judgment & [ page 95 ] that Bad Art will be adopted & mixed with Good Art That Error or Experiment will make a Part of Truth & they Boast that it is its Foundation these People flatter themselves I will not Flatter them Error is Created Truth is Eternal Error or Creation will be Burned Up & then & not till then Truth or Eternity will appear It is Burnt up the Moment Men cease to behold it I assert for My self that I do not behold the Outward Creation & that to me it is hindrance & not Action it is as the Dirt upon my feet No part of Me. What it will be Questiond When the Sun rises do you not see a round

[Begin Page 566]

Disk of fire somewhat like a Guinea O no no I see an Innumerable company of the Heavenly host crying Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty I question not my Corporeal or Vegetative Eye any more than I would Question a Window concerning a Sight I look thro it & not with it.

Видение Страшного Суда (1810)

Добавление к Каталогу Картин Блейка

[ Лист 70 ]

Страшный Суд наступает, когда Cмолкают все те, кто смущает Религию Вопросами о Добре и Зле, о Вкушении от Древа Познания, или Резонёрствует, заслоняя Видение Бога превращающего всё во Всепожирающий Огонь; когда Искусство Воображения и Наука и все Интеллектуальные Дары, все Дары Святого Духа, которые считаются бесполезными, остаются единственным Прибежищем Человека – тогда Страшный Суд наступает, и его Видение доступно Взору Воображения Каждого, в зависимости от ситуации, в которой тот находится.

[c. 72] Природа моей Работы Визионарная или Имажинативная; она Стремится Восстановить <то, что Древние называли> Золотой Век.

[ Лист 68 ]

Страшный Суд это не Басня и не Аллегория, но Видение. Басня или Аллегория – севершенно иной и более низкий сорт Поэзии. Видение или Воображение – это Представление того, что Существует Вечно, Реально и Неизменно. Басня или Аллегория обретают свою Форму с помощью Дщерей Памяти. Воображение же окружено Дщерями Вдохновения, которые в своей совокупности зовутся Иерусалим. Басня есть Аллегория, но то, что Критики называют Басней – есть само Видение. Еврейская Библия и Евангелие Иисуса – это не Аллегория, но Вечное Видение, или Образное Представление Всего Сущего. Заметь, что в Басне или Аллегории какая-то степень Видения почти всегда присутствует. В «Путешествии Пилигрима» оно присутствует во множестве, и то же самое у Греческих Поэтов, но Аллегория и Видение должны пониматься как Две Вещи Нетождественные, и они зовутся так во Имя Вечной Жизни. Платон заставляет Сократа заявить, что Поэты и Пророки не ведают или не Разумеют того, что они Пишут или Произносят – это самый Гнусный Подлог. Неужели то, что они пишут или говорят недостойно считаться Разумением? Платон опровергает самого себя.

[ Листы 68–69 ]

Страшный Суд – это одно из самых Изумляющих Видений. Я изобразил его таким, каким он предстал перед моим внутренним взором; разным людям он представляется по-разному, также как и всё остальное; ибо, хотя на Земле вещи кажутся Неизменными, они ещё менее Постоянны, чем Тень, как мы это все хорошо знаем.

Природа Призрачного Видения или Воображения очень мало Известна, и природа Вечного и неизменность её Непреходящих Образов считается менее постоянной, чем предметы Растительной и Воспроизводящей Природы; но Дуб умирает точно также, как и листья Салата, а Образ Вечности и Индивидуальность никогда не погибают, но возобновляются собственным семенем; именно так Воображаемый Образ возвращается с помощью семени Созерцательного Размышления; Писания Пророков иллюстрируют концепции такого Призрачного Видения примерами тех различных величественных Божественных Образов, которые предстают перед ними в Мирах Воображения. <…>

[ Листы 76–80 ]

Справа под облаком, на котором стоит на коленях Авель, находятся Авраам с Сарой и Исааком, а также с Агарью и Измаилом слева. Авель опустил колени свои на кровавое облако, [лист 80] что говорит об этих Церквах, существовавших до Потопа, что они были наполнены кровью и огнем и чадящим дымом. Даже до времени Авраама эти огонь не погас и дым не расвеялся. Эти состояния существуют и в настоящее время. Человек проходит, но эти состояния остаются навсегда: он проходит через них, как путешественник, которому только может показаться, что мест, через которые он прошел больше не существует; так и человек, хотя и может предположить, что состояний через которые он прошел больше не существует, -- вечно всё.

[ Листы 92–95 ]

Такие люди, как Пейн и Вольтер и многие другие, вслед за Древними Греками заявляют: «Мы не будем Рассуждать о Добре и Зле, мы будем Свободными и жить в Райских Кущах!» Это может случиться с Вашей Душой только после Страшного Суда, но не со Смертным Телом, как вы надеетесь: обитатели Рая не имеют Материальной или Телесной Субстанции, порождённой Грехопадением и называемой Смертью, которая не может быть искуплена ничем, кроме Страшного Суда; пока мы находимся в этом Бренном мире, мы Должны Страдать. Всё Сотворённое томится до своего избавления, и всегда будет так же много Лицемеров, как и Честных Людей, и эти Лицемеры всегда имеют Власть во всех Делах этого Мира. В этом Мире вы не можете быть Свободными без того, что вы называете «Моральной Добродетелью», и вы не можете быть «Морально Добродетельными» без порабощения той половины Человечества, которая ненавидит то, что вы считаете «Моральной Добродетелью».

Здесь изображена природа Ненависти и Зависти, и всех Зол в этом Мире. Никто не Завидует или Ненавидит друг друга среди Равных Себе, даже дьяволы любят друг друга по-своему, и они мучают друг друга по другим причинам, а их Ненависть и Злоба распространяется только на Праведников. Сиф не мог завидовать Ною, так же как и Илия не завидовал Аврааму, но и те, и другие могли Завидовать Успеху Сатаны или Ога или Молоха. Лошадь никогда не Завидует Павлину также как Овца Козе, но они Завидуют Сопернику по Жизни и Существованию, если пути и средства того превосходят их собственные; и они мешают ему достичь желаемого уровня среди Животных; так Собака будет завидовать Коту, которого балуют засчёт её собственных удобств, как я часто это замечал. Библия ничего не говорит нам о том, что Дьяволы терзают друг друга из-за Зависти; поскольку из-за Зависти они мучают Праведников; из-за чего они изводят друг друга, отвечу я: Из-за Принудительных Законов Ада, Морального Лицемерия. <…>

Хитрец лжёт, когда говорит: «Ангелы счастливей, чем Люди, потому что они лучше». Ангелы счастливей, чем Люди и Черти, потому что они не Пытают друг друга вопросами Добра и Зла и вкушения от Древа Познания по Милости Сатаны.

Считая, что Творец этого Мира был очень Жестоким Существом, и при этом поклоняясь Христу, я не могу не воскликнуть: «О, как непохож Сын на Отца!» Сперва грядёт Всемогущий, чтобы огреть по голове. За ним следует Иисус Христос с бальзамом, чтобы уврачевать рану.

Страшный Суд Сокрушает Плохое Искусство и Науку. Только Мыслимое является Реальным, Никому Неизвестно Местожительство того, что называют Телесным: оно есть Заблуждение и его Существование Обманчиво. Где то, что существует Вне Рассудка или Мысли? Где оно, кроме как в Рассудке Глупца? Кое-кто смеет думать, что Страшного Суда не будет, что Плохое искусство будет приспособлено и смешано с Хорошим Искусством, что Ошибка или Эксперимент приоткроют часть Правды, и эти люди Хвастливо заявляют, что это и есть Основание Правды; но они льстят себе: я же не буду им льстить. Ошибки Создаются. Правда является Вечной. Ошибка, или Созданное, сгорит в пламени, и тогда, а не раньше явится Правда или Вечность. Всё сгорит во мгновение ока, Люди не смогут узреть этого. Что же касается Меня Самого, то я утверждаю, что не вижу внешней стороны Сотворённого, – для меня она является помехой и Бездействием; она как грязь на моих ступнях, – а не часть Меня. Если бы меня спросили: «Когда Солнце встаёт, разве ты не видишь в этом круглом огненном диске что-то вроде золотой Гинеи?» О, нет, нет, я вижу несчётное Небесное Воинство, восклицающее: «Свят, Свят, Свят, Господь Бог Всемогущий!» Я не спрашиваю свой Телесный или Вегетативный Глаз, так же как я не спрашиваю Окно о том, что я Вижу. Я вижу не им, а сквозь него.