Вера — прекрасное изобретение (Дикинсон/Маркова)

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185. «Вера — прекрасное изобретение...»
автор Эмили Дикинсон (1830—1886), пер. Вера Николаевна Маркова
Язык оригинала: английский. Название в оригинале: 185. "Faith" is a fine invention. — Дата создания: ок. 1879, опубл.: 1914. Источник: http://coollib.com/b/221924/read#r108
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© Вера Николаевна Маркова:


Вера — прекрасное изобретение
Для «зрящих незримое», господа.
Но осторожность велит — тем не менее —
И в микроскоп заглянуть иногда.

Emily Dickinson:


"Faith" is a fine invention
For gentlemen who see;
But microscopes are prudent
In an emergency!

about 1879



"Faith" is a fine invention
When Gentlemen can see -
But Microscopes are prudent
In an Emergency.

MANUSCRIPTS: There are three, all written about 1860. That reproduced above (Bingham) is incorporated in a letter to Samuel Bowles. The other two are both in packets. That in packet 14 (H 72g) is without italics in line 3. That in packet 37 (H 20 le) italicizes both words, but does not put "Faith" in quotes. In both packet copies line 2 reads: "For Gentlemen who see" the first concluding with an exclamation point, the second with a dash.

PUBLICATION: Poems (1891), 53. The text, without italics, follows that of the packet copies. The version to Bowles is in Letters (ed. 1894), 200; (ed. 1931), 191; also LL (1924), 227.

© Вера Николаевна Маркова, перевод.

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