Notebook II (1982—1986 — Denisov)

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The Notebook I (1980/1—1982) The Notebook II ~ (1982—1986)
⧼written by⧽ Edison Denisov
The Notebook III (1995)
Translated from Russian (from the copy of manuscript) by D. Smirnov-Sadovsky.

II. The Notebook II (1992—1996)

I only live when I work. The rest of the time I merely exist[1].
Sometimes I see musical images as three-dimensional, and frequently it is more clearly I see them, than I hear them (especially when they appear for the first time). This cannot be explained[2].
[Three-dimensional] space is very important in the music. “One-dimensional” music it is just as poor as “one-dimensional” literature[3].
There is too much of rubbish in Shostakovich's music[4].

With my special thanks to Ekaterina Denisova-Bruggeman for the copy of manuscript of the Denisov’s ‘Notes’ (DS).


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