Blue notebook No. 10

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Blue notebook No. 10
автор Daniil Kharms Transl. by D. Smirnov-Sadovsky
См. No. 1 from the cycle “Incidents”. Translated from Russian by Dmitri Smirnov. See the original: Голубая тетрадь №10 (Хармс).. • Translated from Russian by D. Smirnov-Sadovsky

Blue notebook No. 10

There was a red-headed man who had no eyes and ears. He had no hair, so he was called red-headed only conditionally.

He could not speak, since he did not have a mouth. He also had no nose.

He did not have even arms and legs. And he had no stomach, and he had no spine, and he had no backbone, and he had no innards.

He had nothing! So it is not clear whom are we speaking about.

And it would be better if we do not speak about him anymore.


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