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Andrew Solomon (2 April 1921 – December 2017) was a British specialist in William Blake, an author of books and articles about him.

He was born in London. Received a degree in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. Also studied at the Royal College of Music. Worked as a flute player in the BBC Symphony Orchestra. He meticulously studied a facsimile of William Blake's Illustrations of the Book of Job that he inherited. His interest in Blake was also stimulated by his own paintings. He was an active member and a lecturer at the Blake Society of London, author of a series of books and articles. A few his works were published also in Russia in both English original version and Russian translation in a philological journal "Language. Philology. Culture" (No. 1, 2013 and Nos 1-2, 2014). He passed away in December 2017 in London.


  • Blake's Job: A Message for Our Time (1998, Palamabron Press)
  • Instead of God: A Non-Believer's View of Spiritual Realities (1998, Palamabron Press)
  • William Blake's Great Task: The Purpose of Jerusalem (2000, Palamabron Press)


  • To Build Jerusalem (Blake Journal 3, p. 43)
  • To Rise from Generation Free (Blake Journal 5, p. 58)
  • Romney and Blake (Blake Journal 7, p. 18)
  • Blake and Music (Blake Journal 7, p. 46)
  • Mental Fight page (Blake Journal 10, p. 48)

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