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“The ALMIGHTY” is the common translation of “Shaddai” in the King James Bible. Blake identified the two when “the Harrow of the Almighty” (Mil 4:1) is also called “the Harrow of Shaddai” (Mil 4:12). Shaddai, in Blake’s system, is the Accuser, a fact which sheds light on “the wine of the Almighty” by which Luvah intoxicated Urizen and thus got control of the chariot of light (FZ v:234). See SHADDAI. But elsewhere Blake did not use the word in this special sense. Truth dwells with “the Almighty Father” (PS, “Samson” 4). “The breath of the Almighty” is likened to “the fury of Poetic Inspiration” (Mil 30: 18). “And the bitter groan of a Martyr’s woe | Is an Arrow from the Almightie’s Bow” ( J 52:27). The Spectre asserts that “the Almighty hath made me his Contrary” (J 10:56). Elsewhere again, the Almighty would seem to be simply the supreme God. The seven Eyes of God (which include Shaddai) are “the Seven Lamps of the Almighty” (FZ i:554). The constellations are “Forty-eight deformed Human Wonders of the Almighty” ( Mil 37:54). And in a sarcastic paraphrase of dogmatic theology, Blake even equates him with the evil creator, adding “First God Almighty comes with a Thump on the Head. Then Jesus Christ comes with a balm to heal it” (LJ, K 617).