Блейк-Словарь (Деймон)/Алламанда

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ALLAMANDA is the nervous system of the vegetated man. It is constantly associated with Bowlahoola, which combines the respiratory, the circulatory, and the digestive systems; and often with Entuthon-Benython, the flesh and bones. Allamanda, the nervous system, is the apparatus for giving and receiving communications. On earth it is called “Commerce” and is “the Cultivated land around the city of Golgonooza in the Forests of Entuthon. Here the Sons of Los labour against Death Eternal” (Mil 27:42). Here they clothe with flesh the wailing souls yet unbodied and “provide houses & fields” (Mil 26:30); here they also build the inward form of every generated body as “a garden of delight & a building of magnificence” (Mil 26:32). “Were it not for Bowlahoola & Allamanda, no Human Form but only a Fibrous Vegetation, a Polypus of soft affections without Thought or Vision, must tremble in the Heavens & Earths thro’ all the Ulro space” (Mil 24:36). The two are placed on each side of the Globule of Blood and the creative Pulsation (Mil 29:25). See BOWLAHOOLA and ENTUTHON-BENYTHON.