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SemiPD-icon.svg Произведения этого российского автора, умершего до 1 января 1967 года, являются общественным достоянием в Канаде и ряде других стран. Читатель сам несёт ответственность за решение, является ли данное произведение объектом авторского права или находится в общественном достоянии на территории той страны, где находится читатель. Flag of Canada.png

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Вот объяснение по поводу Ахматовой:

Anna Akhmatova

She is in the Canadian public domain. The Soviet law that would have extended the term from 25 years pma to 50 years pma was passed in 1991 and scheduled to come into effect on January 1, 1992, after the fall of the Soviet Union. It was temporarily accepted by Russia (I haven't looked at the other republics) on August 3. The retroactivity law did not go into effect until a year later. Akhmatova died in 1966, so 25 years later, at the end of 1991, her works went into the public domain in Russia. At that time, because Canada recognises the rule of the shorter term, her works also went into the Canadian public domain. There is nothing in Canadian law to recognize retroactive re-entry of works into the public domain. I would apply this to any Russian writer who died in 1966 or earlier. This may also be the case with most other Soviet republics.