Письма Уильяма Блейка/Уильяму Хейли 18 февраля 1800

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7 [To William Hayley]

[18 February 1800] 

[Blake's engraving of a pencil sketch of The Death of Demosthenes by Hayley's son Thomas Alphonso] has been approved by Mr Flaxman. [Blake adds 

[Begin Page 705] his hopes that the young artist] will soon be well enough to make hundreds of designs both for the engraver and the sculptor. [Extract from Gilchrist, Life of Blake, 1880]


Object 1 includes a transcribed fragment of a manuscript letter by Blake, now lost. The fragment of Blake's letter appears at the end of the second paragraph on page 143 (object 1) of the revised 1880 edition of Alexander Gilchrist's Life of William Blake volume 1, described in the note on Provenance in the Work Information.

The Textual Transcription includes only the text attributed to Blake in his letter to Hayley of 18 February 1800, which is surrounded by biographical text written by Gilchrist's posthumous editors, possibly including the hands of Anne Gilchrist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and others (see also Bentley, Blake Books, pages 24-27). The text not attributed to Blake can be viewed directly on the Object View Page.

Textual Note(s):

noteLine: 01

                                                has been approved,

The full sentence surrounding the quotes from Blake's letter on lines 1-5 reads "This was the occasion of / Blake's first coming into direct personal communication with / Hayley, to whom he submitted an impression of the plate / of The Death of Demosthenes, which 'has been approved,' he / writes, February 18th, 1800, 'by Mr. Flaxman;' adding his / hopes that the young sculptor 'will soon be well enough to / 'make hundreds of designs both for the engraver and the / sculptor.' "