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Night the [Second]

<poem> {We assume this is Night the Second by virtue of its ending on p 36, though it is not in the title. Evidently Blake tried it as Night the Third and as Night the First at least twice. SAS Note further that in Night One, page 9, Blake had inserted "Night the Second", even though the end of the First Night One is indicated on page 22. LFS} Rising upon his Couch of Death Albion beheld his Sons Turning his Eyesoutward to Self. losing the Divine Vision [The] Albion Man calld Urizen & said. Behold these sickning Spheres {The Man is erased from the 1st rendition and Albion is set in its place. SAS} Whence is this Voice of Enion that soundeth in my ears Porches Take thou possession! take this Scepter! go forth in my might For I am weary, & must sleep in the dark sleep of Death {According to Erdman's notes this line was crossed out in pencil for deletion and a replacement was written in the right margin, then the deleting lines and the replacement were thoroughly erased. The line leavess these traces: ??Remember? O ?Urizen/ Cxxxg / xxdxding / xxxvns? SAS} Thy brother Luvah hath smitten me but pity thou his youth Tho thou hast not pitid my Age O Urizen Prince of Light {According to Erdman, "Blake first wrote and erased a different text for 8, ending ?of fallen man?;" SAS} Urizen rose from the bright Feast like a star thro' the evening sky Exulting at the voice that calld him from the Feast of envy {"Indignant" and "Feast of envy" were in both the first and final rendition of this line. Blake considered altering "Exulting" to "Indignant" and "Feast of envy" to "Feast of love" in the second rendition, but later changed his mind and returned to the original. SAS} First he beheld the body of Man pale, cold, the horrors of death Beneath his feet shot thro' him as he stood in the Human Brain And all its golden porches grew pale with his sickening light No more Exulting for he saw Eternal Death beneath Pale he beheld futurity; pale he beheld the Abyss Where Enion blind & age bent wept in direful hunger craving All rav'ning like the hungry worm, & like the silent grave PAGE 24 Mighty was the draught of Voidness to draw Existence in Terrific Urizen strode above, in fear & pale dismay He saw the indefinite space beneath & his soul shrunk with horror His feet upon the verge of Non Existence; his voice went forth {According to Erdman, this line was at one time followed by a line that has been erased. Erdman has recoverd a portion of the line, reading: Above him he xxx Jerusalem ?in ?the bloody ?Heaven as xxx xxx his eyes. SAS} Luvah & Vala trembling & shrinking, beheld the great Work master {According to Erdman, the first rendition of the line read "beheld the lord of ?day" rather than "beheld the great Work master". SAS} And heard his Word! Divide ye bands influence by influence Build we a Bower for heavens darling in the grizly deep Build we the Mundane Shell around the Rock of Albion {Blake's rendering of this line is distinctly different from the surrounding text in form, though no indication of why is apparent. SAS} The Bands of Heaven flew thro the air singing & shouting to Urizen [the lord ] Some fix'd the anvil, some the loom erected, some the plow And harrow formd & framd the harness of silver & ivory The golden compasses, the quadrant & the rule & balance They erected the furnaces, they formd the anvils of gold beaten in mills Where winter beats incessant, fixing them firm on their base The bellows began to blow & the Lions of Urizen stood round the anvil PAGE 25 And the leopards coverd with skins of beasts tended the roaring fires Sublime distinct their lineaments divine of human beauty {Erdman notes that there is a pencil line here followed by erased pencil lines in the right margin." SAS} The tygers of wrath called the horses of instruction from their mangers They unloos'd them & put on the harness of gold & silver & ivory In human forms distinct they stood round Urizen prince of Light Petrifying all the Human Imagination into rock & sand {Erdman notes here that the insertion from line 6-33 begins in a stanza break and continues in the right margin. SAS} Groans ran along Tyburns brook and along the River of Oxford Among the Druid Temples. Albion groand on Tyburns brook Albion gave his loud death groan The Atlantic Mountains trembled Aloft the Moon fled with a cry the Sun with streams of blood

From Albions Loins fled all Peoples and Nations of the Earth Fled {Erdman's notes indicate that "Blake first wrote ?Fled? at the end of this line, then deleted it and began his new line with this word". SAS} Fled with the noise of Slaughter & the stars of heaven Fled Jerusalem came down in a dire ruin over all the Earth She fell cold from Lambeths Vales in groans & Dewy death The dew of anxious souls the death-sweat of the dying

In every pillard hall & arched roof of Albions skies The brother & the brother bathe in blood upon the Severn The Maiden weeping by. The father & the mother with The Maidens father & her mother fainting over the body And the Young Man the Murderer fleeing over the mountains

Reuben slept on Penmaenmawr & Levi slept on Snowdon Their eyes their ears nostrils & tongues roll outward they behold What is within now seen without they are raw to the hungry wind They become Nations far remote in a little & dark Land The Daughters of Albion girded around their garments of Needlework

Stripping Jerusalems curtains from mild demons of the hills Across Europe & Asia to China & Japan like lightenings They go forth & return to Albion on his rocky couch Gwendolen Ragan Sabrina Gonorill Mehetabel Cordella Boadicea Conwenna Estrild Gwinefrid Ignoge Cambel

Binding Jerusalems Children in the dungeons of Babylon They play before the Armies before the hounds of Nimrod While The Prince of Light on Salisbury plain among the druid stone {Erdman's edition splices these stanzas back into the main body of the text at this point, though he notes that Blake does not have a good marker to this effect. Erdman indicates that a linking line "must have been dropped in transcribing from working notes." SAS} Rattling the adamantine chains & hooks heave up the ore In mountainous masses, plung'd in furnaces, & they shut & seald The furnaces a time & times; all the while blew the North His cloudy bellows & the South & East & dismal West And all the while the plow of iron cut the dreadful furrows In Ulro beneath Beulah where the Dead wail Night & Day {Again, Blake's rendering of this line is distinctly different from the surrounding text in form, though no indication of why is apparent. SAS} Luvah was cast into the Furnaces of affliction & sealed And Vala fed in cruel delight, the furnaces with fire Stern Urizen beheld urg'd by necessity to keep The evil day afar, & if perchance with iron power He might avert his own despair; in woe & fear he saw PAGE 26 Vala incircle round the furnaces where Luvah was clos'd In joy she heard his howlings, & forgot he was her Luvah With whom she walkd in bliss, in times of innocence & youth Hear ye the voice of Luvah from the furnaces of Urizen If I indeed am Valas King [Luvahs Lord] & ye O sons of Men The workmanship of Luvahs hands; in times of Everlasting When I calld forth the Earth-worm from the cold & dark obscure I nurturd her I fed her with my rains & dews, she grew A scaled Serpent, yet I fed her tho' she hated me Day after day she fed upon the mountains in Luvahs sight I brought her thro' the Wilderness, a dry & thirsty land And I commanded springs to rise for her in the black desart Till she became a Dragon winged bright & poisonous {Erdman notes that a revision was made to this line while it was still wet mending "fordemon" to "Dragon". SAS} I opend all the floodgates of the heavens to quench her thirst PAGE 27 And I commanded the Great deep to hide her in his hand Till she became a little weeping Infant a span long I carried her in my bosom as a man carries a lamb I loved her I gave her all my soul & my delight I hid her in soft gardens & in secret bowers of Summer Weaving mazes of delight along the sunny Paradise Inextricable labyrinths, She bore me sons & daughters And they have taken her away & hid her from my sight They have surrounded me with walls of iron & brass, [I die] O Lamb {According to Erdman's edition, the words "I die" were erased and replaced with "O Lamb." The following four lines were written over lines erased by Blake; they cannot now be retrieved. KAU} Of God clothed in Luvahs garments little knowest thou Of death Eternal that we all go to Eternal Death To our Primeval Chaos in fortuitous concourse of incoherent Discordant principles of Love & Hate I suffer affliction Because I love for I am I was love & but hatred awakes in me And Urizen who was Faith & Certainty is changd to Doubt The hand of Urizen is upon me because I blotted out That Human terror delusion to deliver all the sons of God From bondage of the Human form, O first born Son of Light O Urizen my enemy I weep for thy stern ambition But weep in vain O when will you return Vala the Wanderer PAGE 28 These were the words of Luvah patient in afflictions {This line written over a pencilled line; Erdman posits that the word under "from" is "Los." KAU} Reasoning from the loins in the unreal forms of Ulros night And when Luvah age after age was quite melted with woe The fires of Vala faded like a shadow cold & pale An evanescent shadow. last she fell a heap of Ashes Beneath the furnaces a woful heap in living death Then were the furnaces unscald with spades & pickaxes {Alternate reading of "unsealed" for "unscaled." KAU} Roaring let out the fluid, the molten metal ran in channels Cut by the plow of ages held in Urizens strong hand In many a valley, for the Bulls of Luvah dragd the Plow With trembling horror pale aghast the Children of Men Man Stood on the infinite Earth & saw these visions in the air In waters & in Earth beneath they cried to one another What are we terrors to one another - Come O brethren wherefore Was this wide Earth spread all abroad. not for wild beasts to roam But many stood silent & busied in their families And many said We see no Visions in the darksom air Measure the course of that sulphur orb that lights the dismal darksom day Set stations on this breeding Earth & let us buy & sell Others arose & schools Erected forming Instruments To measure out the course of heaven. Stern Urizen beheld In woe his brethren & his Sons in darkning woe lamenting Upon the winds in clouds involvd Uttering his voice in thunders Commanding all the work with care & power & severity Then siezd the Lions of Urizen their work, & heated in the forge Roar the bright masses, thund'ring beat the hammers, many a Globe pyramid {Lowercase "globe" mended to "Globe," then struck.KAU} Is form'd & thrown down thund'ring into the deeps of Non Entity Heated red hot they hizzing rend their way down many a league Till resting. each his center basement finds; suspended there they stand {According to Erdman, the word "center" was originally deleted by Blake with a strong ink stroke and therefore not easily erased. He later changed his mind and incorporated it into the text. KAU} Casting their sparkies dire abroad into the dismal deep {Alternate reading of "sparkles" for "sparkies." KAU} For measurd out in orderd spaces the Sons of Urizen {Lowecase "sons" mended to "Sons." KAU} With compasses divide the deep; they the strong scales erect PAGE 29 That Luvah rent from the faint Heart of the [Eternal] [Ancient] Fallen Man {The word "Ancient" written in pencil, then erased. KAU} And weigh the massy Globes Cubes, then fix them in their awful stations And all the time in Caverns shut, the golden Looms erected First spun, then wove the Atmospheres, there the Spider & Worm Plied the wingd shuttle piping shrill thro' all the list'ning threads Beneath the Caverns roll the weights of lead & spindles of iron The enormous warp & woof rage direful in the affrighted deep While far into the vast unknown, the strong wing'd Eagles bend Their venturous flight, in Human forms distinct; thro darkness deep They bear the woven draperies; on golden hooks they hang abroad The universal curtains & spread out from Sun to Sun The vehicles of light, they separate the furious particles Into mild currents as the water mingles with the wine. While thus the Spirits of strongest wing enlighten the dark deep The threads are spun & the cords twisted & drawn out; then the weak Begin their work; & many a net is netted; many a net PAGE 30 Spread & many a Spirit caught, innumerable the nets Innumerable the gins & traps; & many a soothing flute Is form'd & many a corded lyre, outspread over the immense In cruel delight they trap the listeners, & in cruel delight Bind them, [together] condensing the strong energies into little compass Some became seed of every plant that shall be planted; some The bulbous roots, thrown up together into barns & garners Then rose the Builders: First the Architect divine his plan Unfolds, The wondrous scaffold reard all round the infinite Quadrangular the building rose the heavens squared by a line. Trigon & cubes divide the elements in finite bonds Multitudes without number work incessant: the hewn stone Is placd in beds of mortar mingled with the ashes of Vala {Alternate reading of "on" for "in." KAU} Severe the labour, female slaves the mortar trod oppressed Twelve halls after the names of his twelve sons composd The golden wondrous building & three [centr f[orm]] Central Domes after the Names {Erdman posits that Blake erased the words "centr f[orm]" and replaced them with "Central Domes." KAU} Of his three daughters were encompassd by the twelve bright halls Every hall surrounded by bright Paradises of Delight In which are towns & Cities Nations Seas Mountains & Rivers {Minor grammatical changes, in tense ("were" mended to "are") and capitalization ("mountains" to "Mountains") KAU} Each Dome opend toward four halls & the Three Domes Encompassd The Golden Hall of Urizen whose western side glowd bright With ever streaming fires beaming from his awful limbs His Shadowy Feminine Semblance here reposd on a [bright] White Couch Or hoverd oer his Starry head & when he smild she brightend Like a bright Cloud in harvest. but when Urizen frownd She wept In mists over his carved throne & when he turnd his back Upon his Golden hall & sought the Labyrinthine porches Of his wide heaven Trembling, cold in paling fears she sat A Shadow of Despair therefore toward the West Urizen formd A recess in the wall for fires to glow upon the pale Females limbs in his absence & her Daughters oft upon A Golden Altar burnt perfumes with Art Celestial formd

Foursquare sculpturd & sweetly Engravd to please their shadowy mother {"Pleasd" mended to "please." KAU} As[c]ending into her cloudy misty garments the blue smoke rolld to revive Her cold limbs in the absence of her Lord. Also her sons With lives of Victims sacrificed upon an altar of brass On the East side. Revivd her Soul with lives of beasts & birds Slain on the Altar up ascending into her cloudy bosom Of terrible workmanship the Altar labour of ten thousand Slaves One thousand Men of wondrous power spent their lives in its formation It stood on twelve steps namd after the names of her twelve sons And was Erected at the chief entrance of Urizens hall

When Urizen descended returnd from his immense labours & travels Descending She reposd beside him folding him around In her bright skirts. Astonishd & Confounded he beheld Her shadowy form now Separate he shudderd & was silent Till her caresses & her tears revivd him to life & joy Two wills they had two intellects & not as in times of old This Urizen percievd & silent brooded in darkning Clouds To him his Labour was but Sorrow & his Kingdom was Repentance He drave the Male Spirits all away from Ahania {Alternate reading of "drove" for "drave." KAU} And she drave all the Females from him away {Alternate reading of "drove" for "drave." KAU} Los joyd & Enitharmon laughd, saying Let us go down And see this labour & sorrow; They went down to see the woes Of Vala & the woes of Luvah, to draw in their delights And Vala like a shadow oft appeard to Urizen PAGE 31 The King of Light beheld her mourning among the Brick kilns compelld To labour night & day among the fires, her lamenting voice Is heard when silent night returns & the labourers take their rest O Lord wilt thou not look upon our sore afflictions Among these flames incessant labouring, our hard masters laugh At all our sorrow. We are made to turn the wheel for water To carry the heavy basket on our scorched shoulders, to sift The sand & ashes, & to mix the clay with tears & repentance I see not Luvah as of old I only see his feet Like pillars of fire travelling thro darkness & non entity {These four lines are placed to the right of the main body of text. Erdman does not note this placement in his edition. KAU} The times are now returnd upon us, we have given ourselves To scorn and now are scorned by the slaves of our enemies Our beauty is coverd over with clay & ashes, & our backs Furrowd with whips, & our flesh bruised with the heavy basket Forgive us O thou piteous one whom we have offended, forgive The weak remaining shadow of Vala that returns in sorrow to thee. Thus she lamented day & night, compelld to labour & sorrow Luvah in vain her lamentations heard; in vain his love Brought him in various forms before her still she knew him not PAGE 32 Still she despisd him, calling on his name & knowing him not Still hating still professing love, still labouring in the smoke And Los & Enitharmon joyd, they drank in tenfold joy To come in From all the sorrow of Luvah & the labour of Urizen {These two lines struck through, but then marked (to the right of the main body of text) with the following: "To come in." KAU} And Enitharmon joyd Plotting to rend the secret cloud To plant divisions in the Soul of Urizen & Ahania But For infinitely beautiful the wondrous work arose {Erdman notes that the word "For" has been deleted in Blake. It is not so marked in the manuscript text. KAU} In [ songs & joy ] sorrow & care. a Golden World whose porches round the heavens And pillard halls & rooms recievd the eternal wandering stars A wondrous golden Building; many a window many a door And many a division let in & out into the vast unknown [Cubed] Circled in infinite orb immoveable, within its arches all walls & cielings {According to Erdman, "The second reading is erased; yet it is supported by the reference back to "Cubes" and "window" in 33:4-5. If ears are porches, mouth, nose, and eyes had better be doors and windows; yet the concept of micromacrocosm is better expressed in "infinite orb immoveable," with its matching of the oxymoron in "primum mobile." If Blake hesitated to choose either reading, an editor hesitates to reject either." KAU} The heavens were closd & and spirits mournd their bondage night and day And the Divine Vision appeard in Luvahs robes of blood {This line written over an erased line, possibly ending "within." KAU} Thus was the Mundane shell builded by Urizens strong power Sorrowing Then went the Planters forth to plant, the Sowers forth to sow They dug the channels for the rivers & they pourd abroad PAGE 33 The seas & lakes, they reard the mountains & the rocks & hills On broad pavilions, on pillard roofs & porches & high towers In beauteous order, thence arose soft clouds & exhalations Wandering even to the sunny orbs Cubes of light & heat {Lowercase "cubes" mended to "Cubes." KAU} For many a window ornamented with sweet ornaments Lookd out into the World of Tharmas, where in ceaseless torrents {Lowercase "world" mended to "World." KAU} His billows roll where monsters wander in the foamy paths On clouds the Sons of Urizen beheld Heaven walled round {Irretrievable word following "beheld." KAU} They weighd & orderd all & Urizen [in comfort saw] comforted saw {The erased phrase "in comfort saw" is speculation on Erdman's part. KAU} The wondrous work flow forth like visible out of the invisible For the Divine Lamb Even Jesus who is the Divine Vision Permitted all lest Man should fall into Eternal Death For when Luvah sunk down himself put on the robes of blood Lest the state calld Luvah should cease. & the Divine Vision Walked in robes of blood till he who slept should awake {Lines 11-15 were written over four revised and erased lines, most of which is irretrievable. KAU} Thus were the stars of heaven created like a golden chain To bind the Body of Man to heaven from falling into the Abyss Each took his station, & his course began with [songs & joy] [eternal fear] sorrow & care {'songs & joy' is erased in-line, while 'eternal fear' is written below the line and then erased. EJC} In sevens & tens & fifties, hundreds, thousands, numberd all According to their various powers. Subordinate to Urizen And to his sons in their degrees & to his beauteous daughters {'In sevens & tens...his beauteous daughters' - these 3 lines appear at the end of page 33 as a separate 3-line stanza after the section ending '...in the vast deep.' However, Blake seems to indicate a re-sequencing of the material to the order shown here, indicating the insertion of these 3 lines with a letter X at their head and a corresponding X at the end of the preceding section [ending '...sorrow & care']. According to Erdman, this change was made while 'sorrow & care' was in its earlier form, 'eternal fear.' Also according to Erdman, it was later that Blake added the numbers 1 [at insertion point], 2 [at the head of these new lines], and 3 [at the head of the section beginning 'travelling in silent majesty...'] to confirm this as a final order. EJC} Travelling in silent majesty along their orderd ways In right lined paths outmeasurd by proportions of weight & measure number weight And measure. mathematic motion wondrous. along the deep In fiery pyramid. or Cube. or unornamented pillar square Of fire far shining. travelling along even to its destind end Then falling down. a terrible space recovring in winter dire Its wasted strength. it back returns upon a nether course Till fired with ardour fresh recruited in its humble spring season It rises up on high all summer till its wearied course Turns into autumn. such the period of many worlds Others triangular their right angled course maintain. others obtuse Acute & oblong Scalene , in simple paths. but others move In intricate ways biquadrate. Trapeziums Rhombs Rhomboids Paralellograms. triple & quadruple. polygonic In their amazing fructifying hard subdued course in the vast deep PAGE 34 And Los & Enitharmon were drawn down by their desires Descending sweet upon the wind among soft harps & voices [Laughing and mocking ?Luvah breaking in the woes of Vala] {Erdman suggests that 'breaking' is a word from an unrelated layer of ms, and 'woes of Vala' as previously misrecognised in Ellis' transcription as 'womb of Vala' EJC} [But soon ?he ?formd the lovely limbs of Enitharmon XXX & to lamentation of Enion ?answer for fear] [XXX for vindication of Urizens word] [Thy name is familiar XXX] {These 2 partially recovered erased pencil lines are discerned by Erdman beneath line 3. This group of erased lines, which appeared in pencil under lines 2-4 and, partially obscured by a note by Ellis, in the right margin, are written here with Erdman's suppositions and unrecoverable sections so marked EJC} To plant divisions in the Soul of Urizen & Ahania To conduct the Voice of Enion to Ahanias midnight pillow Urizen saw & envied & his imagination was filled Repining he contemplated the past in his bright sphere Terrified with his heart & spirit at the visions of futurity That his dread fancy formd before him in the unformd void For Now Los & Enitharmon walkd forth on the dewy Earth Contracting or expanding their all flexible senses At will to murmur in the flowers small as the honey bee At will to stretch across the heavens & step from star to star Or standing on the Earth erect, or on the stormy waves Driving the storms before them or delighting in sunny beams While round their heads the Elemental Gods kept harmony Thus livd Los driving Enion far into the deathful infinite {According to Erdman, there is some partially recoverable erased material written above this line and in the margin: '?From ? Ahanias woe all XXX XXX only wrath & Envy follows in XXX their fXXXds / Urizen saw and aXXX.' EJC} That he may also draw Ahania's spirit into her Vortex {This line appears to have been inserted between 2 previously written lines EJC} Ah happy blindness [she] Enion sees not the terrors of the uncertain And oft thus she wails from the dark deep, the golden heavens tremble {Of the 100 lines that make up p.34, only 19 comprise the standard text block; the rest are marginal additions, with 2 sizeable columns at the foot of the page, a 5-line stanza written up the lower righthand side of the page, and 2 additional larger stanzas appearing in the lefthand margin. Although Erdman does not address this issue in his notes, he does make some silent decisions regarding the order of the text, the most significant being his placement of this 4-line stanza at the very end of his transcription of p.34. Given his lack of explanation, this in particular would seem somewhat arbitrary; although there do appear to be some markings on the page which could be suggestions for the re-ordering of the material, these do not seem conclusive enough to justify this silent alteration to the text as it appears in the Erdman edition. Instead, the text is shown here in the order in which it appears on the page; in agreement with Erdman, the marginal material seems to flow most logically as the bottom of the page, moving to the stanza in the right margin and then concluding with the material in the left margin EJC} And Los said. Lo the Lilly pale & the rose reddning fierce Reproach thee & the beamy gardens sicken at thy beauty {According to Erdman, beneath and below these 2 lines are about 11 erased pencil lines, the first [partially recovered] beginning 'XXX she wails,' the following 2 the same as the existing lines, and the remainder apparently different from the final text EJC} I grasp thy vest in my strong hand in vain. like water springs In the bright sands of Los. evading my embrace. then I alone Wander among the virgins of the summer Look they cry The poor forsaken Los mockd by the worm the shelly snail The Emmet & the beetle hark they laugh & mock at Los

Secure now from the smitings of thy Power Demon of Fury {The beginning of this inserted line is set well in from the heads of the accompanying lines, but there seems no reason not to bring it into line with them EJC} Enitharmon answerd If the God enrapturd me infolds In clouds of sweet obscurity my beauteous form dissolving Howl thou over the body of death tis thine But if among the virgins {The inserted material is clearly written over erased material EJC} Of summer I have seen thee sleep & turn thy cheek delighted Upon the rose or lilly pale. or on a bank where sleep The beamy daughters of the light starting they rise they flee From thy fierce love for tho I am dissolvd in the bright God My spirit still pursues thy false love over rocks & valleys

Los answerd Therefore fade I thus dissolvd in rapturd trance Thou canst repose on clouds of secrecy while oer my limbs Cold dews & hoary frost creeps tho I lie on banks of summer Among the beauties of the World Cold & repining Los Still dies for Enitharmon nor a spirit springs from my dead corse {Clearly written over erased material. EJC} Then I am dead till thou revivest me with thy sweet song

Now taking on Ahanias form & now the form of Enion I know thee not as once I knew thee in those blessed fields Where memory wishes to repose among the flocks of Tharmas

Enitharmon answerd Wherefore didst thou throw thine arms around Ahanias Image I decievd thee & will still decieve Urizen saw thy sin & hid his beams in darkning Clouds I still keep watch altho I tremble & wither across the heavens In strong vibrations of fierce jealousy for thou art mine Created for my will my slave tho strong tho I am weak {This line appears to have been inserted between 2 existing lines. EJC} Farewell the God calls me away I depart in my sweet bliss

She fled vanishing on the wind And left a dead cold corse In Los's arms howlings began over the body of death {Line written over erased text. EJC} Los spoke. Thy God in vain shall call thee if by my strong power I can infuse my dear revenge into his glowing breast Then jealousy shall shadow all his mountains & Ahania Curse thee thou plague of woful Los & seek revenge on thee So saying in deep sobs he languishd till dead he also fell Night passd & Enitharmon eer the dawn returnd in bliss She sang Oer Los reviving him to Life his groans were terrible But thus she sang. I seize the sphery harp I strike the strings {As Erdman notes, these 2 lines began as 1, 'She sang Oer Los. I seize the sphery harp I strike the strings.' Above the 2nd part, Blake added 'reviving...terrible,' while below the 1st part he added 'But thus she sang,' making the present 2 lines. It makes sense to concur with Erdman in assuming that Blake forgot to move the stop after 'Los' to position it after 'sang' when making these changes, and to alter the punctuation accordingly. EJC}

At the first Sound the Golden sun arises from the Deep And shakes his awful hair The Eccho wakes the moon to unbind her silver locks The golden sun bears on my song And nine bright spheres of harmony rise round the fiery King

The joy of woman is the Death of her most best beloved Who dies for Love of her In torments of fierce jealousy & pangs of adoration The Lovers night bears on my song And the nine Spheres rejoice beneath my powerful controll

They sing unceasing to the notes of my immortal hand The solemn silent moon Reverberates the living harmony upon my limbs The birds & beasts rejoice & play And every one seeks for his mate to prove his inmost joy

Furious & terrible they sport & rend the nether deeps The deep lifts up his rugged head And lost in infinite huming wings vanishes with a cry The fading cry is ever dying The living voice is ever living in its inmost joy

Arise you little glancing wings & sing your infant joy Arise & drink your bliss For every thing that lives is holy for the source of life Descends to be a weeping babe For the Earthworm renews the moisture of the sandy plain

Now my left hand I stretch to earth beneath And strike the terrible string I wake sweet joy in dens of sorrow & I plant a smile In forests of affliction And wake the bubbling springs of life in regions of dark death

O I am weary lay thine hand upon me or I faint I faint beneath these beams of thine For thou hast touchd my five senses & they answerd thee Now I am nothing & I sink And on the bed of silence sleep till thou awakest me

Thus sang the Lovely one in Rapturous delusive trance Los heard delighted reviving he siezd her in his arms delusive hopes Kindling She led him into Shadows & thence fled outstretchd Upon the immense like a bright rainbow weeping & smiling & fading PAGE 35 I am made to sow the thistle for wheat; the nettle for a nourishing dainty I have planted a false oath in the earth, it has brought forth a poison tree I have chosen the serpent for a councellor & the dog For a schoolmaster to my children I have blotted out from light & living the dove & nightingale And I have caused the earth worm to beg from door to door I have taught the thief a secret path into the house of the just I have taught pale artifice to spread his nets upon the morning My heavens are brass my earth is iron my moon a clod of clay My sun a pestilence burning at noon & a vapour of death in night What is the price of Experience do men buy it for a song Or wisdom for a dance in the street? No it is bought with the price Of all that a man hath his house his wife his children Wisdom is sold in the desolate market where none come to buy And in the witherd field where the farmer plows for bread in vain It is an easy thing to triumph in the summers sun And in the vintage & to sing on the waggon loaded with corn It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted To speak the laws of prudence to the houseless wanderer PAGE 36 To listen to the hungry ravens cry in wintry season When the red blood is filld with wine & with the marrow of lambs It is an easy thing to laugh at wrathful elements To hear the dog howl at the wintry door, the ox in the slaughter house moan To see a god on every wind & a blessing on every blast To hear sounds of love in the thunder storm that destroys our enemies house To rejoice in the blight that covers his field, & the sickness that cuts off his children While our olive & vine sing & laugh round our door & our children bring fruits & flowers Then the groan & the dolor are quite forgotten & the slave grinding at the mill And the captive in chains & the poor in the prison, & the soldier in the field When the shatterd bone hath laid him groaning among the happier dead It is an easy thing to rejoice in the tents of prosperity Thus could I sing & thus rejoice, but it is not so with me! [End of the Second Night] Ahania heard the Lamentation & a swift Vibration Spread thro her Golden frame. She rose up eer the dawn of day When Urizen slept on his couch. drawn thro unbounded space Onto the margin of Non Entity the bright Female came There she beheld the terrible Spectrous form of Enion in the Void And never from that moment could she rest upon her pillow End of the Second Night �