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Clarification of Copyright

There is substantial confusion about copyright issues for online material. This webpage clarifies the authors’ intentions in offering material on http://www.poetryintranslation.com, on the back-up site http://tkline.pgcc.net, and on any of the authors’ related sites where this notice is referred to.

The underlying intention of the authors is to make material freely available for those not seeking to derive commercial gain from its use. However:

Intellectual copyright is held by the authors and translators, and All Rights are Reserved by default.

Some rights are explicitly granted or denied, as follows:

1. Material may be reproduced, stored, transmitted, distributed, displayed or performed; electronically or otherwise; free of charge; for any NON-COMMERCIAL purpose. Derivatives and modifications may be created from the material for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes only. The authors and translators acknowledge that such derivatives or modifications may not meet with the authors’ and translators’ personal approval, but nevertheless the authors wish to offer free non-commercial use of the material. The authors however disassociate themselves from any views expressed, or impressions communicated in derivatives or modifications created by others, except where explicit endorsement has been obtained from the authors themselves. The authors take no responsibility for abuses of other copyright material, or breaches of any law, incurred by such derivation or modification, or by use of the material in general. Please also note item 6. below regarding use of George Theodoridis’ translations of Greek plays.

2. Material may NOT be used, in any way, for COMMERCIAL purposes unless explicit permission is obtained from the authors and translators. This includes Not For Profit organisations who may receive payment for all or part of the material, in hardcopy or electronic form, or via online access, or via public performance. In general Not For Profit organisations, and individual creative endeavours of various kinds, will be viewed favourably by the authors, but potential users should still seek permission. Companies and organisations seeking to make COMMERCIAL use of the material must always seek permission before attempting to use any of the material, and will be required to enter into a binding agreement before they may do so.

3. Where material is used for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes, attribution of the material to this site and to its author(s) or translator(s) is not mandatory, but is polite, and would be appreciated. COMMERCIAL users may be required to display a formal attribution as part of an agreement.

4. Any permission given for COMMERCIAL use will normally be a non-exclusive right to utilise the material for a defined purpose, but in all cases specific agreement is required as to the terms and conditions of use.

5. Notwithstanding any rights granted in 1. above, permission is not, and will not be, granted to perform A. S. Kline’s translations of Lorca’s plays on these websites in the US and Spain, until further notice.

6. Notwithstanding any rights granted in 1. above, permission must be sought regarding use of George Theodoridis’ translations of Greek plays for use by any theatrical, educational or cinematic organisation, including a non-commercial one. Under no circumstances should any of his work be used as part of a collage, which includes the work of other writers or translators. Please read the copyright instruction and contact details on the Greekhome.htm page for confirmation of the copyright restrictions regarding his material, and at the head of each play.

A. S. (Tony) Kline 26th/June/2012