Письма Уильяма Блейка/Миссис Флаксман 14 сентября 1800

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12 t

[Mrs Blake to Mrs Flaxman]

H[ercules] B[uildings] Lambeth,

14 Sepr 1800

My Dearest Friend

I hope you will not think we could forget your Services to us. or any way neglect to love & remember with affection even the hem of your garment. we indeed presume on your kindness in neglecting to have calld on you since my Husbands <first> return from Felpham. We have been incessantly busy in our great removal but can never think of going without first paying our proper duty to you & Mr Flaxman. We intend to call on Sunday afternoon in Hampstead. to take farewell All things being now nearly completed for our setting forth on Tuesday Morning. it is only Sixty Miles & [London]<Lambeth> was On[e]-Hundred for the terrible desart of London was between My husband has been obliged to finish several things necessary to be finishd before our migration the Swallows call us fleeting past our window at this moment. O how we delight in talking of the pleasure we shall have in preparing you a summer bower at Felpham. & we not only talk but behold the Angels of our journey have inspired a song to you

To my dear Friend Mrs Anna Flaxman

This Song to the flower of Flaxmans joy
To the blossom of hope for a sweet decoy
Do all that you can or all that you may
To entice him to Felpham & far away
[Begin Page 709]
Away to Sweet Felpham for Heaven is there 5
The Ladder of Angels descends thro the air
On the Turret its spiral does softly descend
Thro' the village then winds at My Cot i[t] does end t
You stand in the village & look up to heaven
The precious stones glitter on flights seventy seven 10
And My Brother is there & My Friend & Thine
Descend & Ascend with the Bread & the Wine
The Bread of sweet Thought & the Wine of Delight
Feeds the Village of Felpham by day & by night
And at his own door the blessd Hermit does stand 15
Dispensing Unceasing to all the whole Land


Recieve my & my husbands love & affection & believe me to be Yours affectionately